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More 3CE: Line Your Eyes

This post is quite overdue, given that I bought these pencils way back in November. Since I don’t do colored liner very often—which kind of makes this purchase questionable—it took me a while to gather my thoughts on these products. Long story short: I really like them! 🙂 I’ve been pretty much liking my 3CE purchases anyway, so this comes as no surprise.

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner, Undereye Flash Liner - Mojito, Wow Pink, Moulin Rouge, Pitter Patter

Featured in this post are two kinds of liners by 3CE: the Creamy Water Proof Eyeliner (that reminds me of NARS’ Larger Than Life pencils) and the “Under Eye Flash,” which I imagine helps achieve the sparkly waterline/lower lash line look that Koreans seem to really like. I’ve already tried a shade in the latter formula, which I like, but makes me look a little stoned as it’s quite coppery and brings out the red on my waterline.

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner, Undereye Flash Liner - Swatches - Mojito, Wow Pink, Moulin Rouge, Pitter Patter

Swatched, L-R are the 3CE Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner in Mojito, Wow Pink, and Moulin Rouge, and the Under Eye Flash in Pitter Patter. The first two shades are completely matte, which adds such a great POP of color to an otherwise neutral look. My favorite way of wearing the first two is lining the top of a small black wing on my eyes and throwing a neutral shade in the crease for definition. I don’t like wearing them over eyeshadow, since they don’t seem to go on very well, but what I like about them is that they are smudge- and crease-proof. Pitter Patter is a beautiful antique gold that adds a little somethin’ on the lower lash line. I love it!

Here are some of them worn:
Sigma Born to Be Blush - Face 2
Pitter Patter on lower lash line.

Moulin Rouge on upper and lower lash line.

Pitter Patter on lower lash line.

3CE Wow Pink - Face
Wow Pink on the outer half of upper lash line, with black liquid liner.

They’re a little bit harder to get than your standard MAC or NARS, but they’re available on Luxola, which is a site that’s been nothing but a pleasure to order from. Here are affiliate-free links: Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner (Wow Pink is not in stock) and Under Eye Flash.

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  1. Moulin Rouge looks ethereal. It’s pretty. There are some blue liners that look too bold, but this one looks smokey and sultry.

    • Ganda diba? 🙂 I know what you mean about blue liners—this one just seemed really special haha

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