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Sulfate-Free Shampoo

I know it’s not the most exciting topic, but I think I’ve spoken about scalp problems before, and to be honest, the only thing that really helped me get rid of them were sulfate-free shampoos. I used to not really pay much attention to hair products, as long as I liked how they smelled, but when I started getting really itchy build-up with worrisome patches of dry, flaky skin, I started to take notice.

My first step was to ditch conditioner, just to eliminate the number of products (and therefore, lessen the build-up) I used in my hair. My hair suffered a little, but my main concern was really to get rid of my scalp issues. My next step was to go more natural and pay attention to ingredients. I chose to eliminate SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, as it’s a common ingredient that has been known to cause some problems for a lot of people.

As it turns out, seeking out sulfate-free shampoos was the right step for me. Although I still have occasional flakiness, my scalp issues have mostly gone. The flakiness is probably due to me not rinsing properly, hehe. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been using pretty much exclusively for my hair.


Human Nature Natural Shampoo (Moisturizing)

This has a fun citrus scent that instantly makes me feel refreshed. I used to use this when I went to try swimming as exercise a few months ago. It’s a fairly good shampoo that leaves my locks feeling squeaky clean. It’s also locally-made and is 100% natural.

Kracie Himawari Dear Beauté Oil in Shampoo* and Oil in Conditioner*

I received this quite a while ago, but never really talked about it since I don’t really talk much about hair care here. Anyway, it’s probably one of my favorite finds in 2015, especially because of my scalp problems (which began before September 2014 and lasted until around March or April 2015). The shampoo in particular is spectacular; I find that I don’t even really need to use the conditioner because the moisture that the shampoo provides is enough for my hair. And my hair is thick, so it takes a lot for it to feel smooth and silky.

In any case, these are winners for me. 10/10 would buy again! I’m actually kind of terrified of not being able to repurchase these, for one reason or another.

* Items marked with an asterisk are PR Samples. Kracie is available at Beauty Bar branches in the Philippines, or online here.

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