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Softly, again

Uh, hi. You might (?) remember me from years ago when I wrote a lot about beauty. Likely in a curious, albeit misguided way. I locked this account away at some point for various reasons I don’t feel like getting into now, but the beauty bug. It has bitten me once again. Not in quite the same way, and certainly, the first initial sting never left me completely. But, I was over it for a while (it felt too consuming, if you can believe that), and now I’m not. So, hi.

I’m in the process of cleaning up house here, but I wanted to just say hi, a bit. I guess? I don’t know. This all feels very strange…

First thing to get out of the way is that I’ve moved continents on account of school. So, I don’t have a lot of makeup with me and I don’t plan on accumulating a lot more (although I did a spot of shopping here and there, of course).

I look like this now:


While I was away from here, I mostly look like this…


… but then I guess I felt like I needed a haircut, so. Here, another one just for kicks:


I’m actually in the process of so many things such as uni and moving and a show, among personal crises etc. etc., but I always find myself thinking about how I wish I could write about so and so beauty thing, so here we are. I’m not sure if I’m going to be leaving this up as sort of an archive and just update sparingly about beauty over at my main blog (which is Nothing Spaces, if you didn’t know) or whatever. We’ll see.

I think the question is, also, what else do I have to say that people would like to read about? Beats me, honestly, but we’ll find out soon enough. (Obviously, you can ask about certain things you know I use, or like, opinions on shit? I don’t know. WHY AM I BACK HERE, AGAIN?)

For now, have this long and convoluted hi-saying! I hope this is more fun than my first try at it.


  1. You’re back! ❤️

    I’ve been such a fan of your blog and hearing from you again makes me so happy. Your take on make up has been so unique and interesting. No pressure to keep posting at all! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your blog and that it helped me in my own journey with make up and beauty. 😊

  2. Annie says

    Hello! I very much enjoyed your blog in the past, as well. Welcome back! Would love to read more of your stories and beauty insights.

  3. Sometimes a break is just needed! I was looking at your MAC post from 2016 thinking…. they were way better back then! I’ll have to check out your other blog!

  4. jamie says

    Oh my goodness. Hi! I loved your blog way back and am so, so glad it’s back up again! I still think about the Harry Potter Week you did and your Made-Up History series from time to time – so excited to be able to peruse them again 🙂

  5. Haaaiiiiii 💛 You are as lovely as ever Bareena! Looking forward to future posts.

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