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Unboxing: BDJ March 2015 (A Pond’s Exclusive)

Before March ends, I’ll go ahead and share this box I got from BDJ a few weeks ago! Following their last, Kawaii Must-Haves box, BDJ’s March box* is larger than usual. If the header photo didn’t already give it away… the box is a Pond’s exclusive! I remember Pond’s as my first facial wash choice when I was a young’n and although I haven’t tried their famous cold cream, everyone I know—and their mother!—swears by it as a makeup remover. I don’t have strong feelings for Pond’s as a brand—I kind of find the “Flawless White” campaign kind of damaging, but maybe that’s partly because I am not the biggest fan of Toni Gonzaga. I guess that’s neither here nor there.

Vlog: Skin Care Routine

Hey everyone! So, here’s the video~ on my “skin care routine” that some people have been asking about. There aren’t too many steps (clean, tone, sometimes moisturize), but I just like using a variety of products, for some reason. My face isn’t so sensitive to cleansers. I just have bad luck with foundations and tinted moisturizers, I think. I’m not one for skin care. I’ve always felt like a bit of soap and water is all you needed. It goes to show you how much I know. (It has recently come to light that my sister was deeply grossed out about my lack of facial hygiene.) Anyway, onto the moving picture that is my face! (My channel was made when I was but a child. Sorry for the atrocious name!) 1. Pond’s Daily Face Wash Standard face-cleaner. I’ve been using the “light green” variety ever since late grade school (that’s Junior High to you Americans) and I just never switched to any other variant. I like it mostly because of the scent. There is a …