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To Buy or Not to Buy: New Things in My Email Inbox

That is the age-old question. Do I succumb to consumerism or do I make like an adult and resist? I’m not quite sure as to which camp I belong to, but I do like seeing pictures of pretty things in my inbox every once in a while. If I like it enough, I’m glad that there’s an option for me to get it.

Take the newly-released edition from ofakind, Furies Ring by Unearthen, which is all sorts of beautiful and charming.

I love that the gem is a little bit bigger and unpolished than what I’m used to seeing. I love that it’s all held up together by something that looks like a claw, and that it’s balancing on one edge instead of being in perfect equilibrium.

Still thinking on this, but if you want to gobble it up, head on over to ofakind, since there’s only 40 of these in existence. ($ 160)

I don’t even remember subscribing to the Barneys newsletter. I think I subscribed when I was eyeing a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that were on extra-sale during their Warehouse Sale. Anyway, I get their emails every so often, but I don’t open them. Today, though, they had an email for the Marni Resort lookbook, and I couldn’t resist. Here are some of my picks, all of which are definitely on my “Not To Buy” list, if only because I can’t.

Printed Mandarin Collar Dress ($ 1,590)

Marni Beaded Waist Sheath Dress ($ 1,350), Marni Jeweled Neck Sweater ($ 1,225), Floral Print Ankle Tie Pants ($ 1,070)

Marni Studded Western Shirt ($ 1,055), Marni Straight Cropped Pants ($ 675), Marni Studded Collar Coat ($ 1,675), Marni Dot Pattern Long Sleeve ($ 1,295)

You can head on over to the Barneys Lookbook for Marni Resort 2013 if you want to pre-order some of the items. After which I would like to imaginary-kick you, out of envy. I promise it won’t hurt, though.

I also got an email from Need Supply Co., they released a new Lookbook called We Have Always Lived in a Castle. This was my favorite look!

Mostly, I’m interested in the Angle Pocket Overlay Dress by Shakuhachi ($ 263) and the Cardigan by Dusen Dusen ($ 200). You can shop for the look here.

I’m tempted to, but I won’t, because what good is a makeup ban if I’m just going to spend my savings on clothes? That ring, though…

Also, if anyone can tell me how to get hair to look like that, and not like it came out of a bottle, that would just about make my life.


  1. That ring just went on my wish list!
    I wish I could tell you how to get that hair. If I knew i would have it too!

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