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Zen Zest Diva Off!

Last Saturday marked my first Softly Sometimes-related event, the Zen Zest Diva Off! Thank you to Zen Zest and Liz of Project Vanity for the invite! I was surprised but also really, really happy when I got it, since I’m so new to this “scene” of blogging. Here’s to more, hopefully!

Before the Divas belted their way to victory, the Zen Zest team first introduced their line of Holiday Gift Sets. Melai of Style and Soul hosted the event, while firing off some questions for brand ambassador, Divine Lee, to answer. Sometimes, I really do have a hard time thinking of what to give some of my friends and relatives gifts that they’d appreciate but that will also fit my budget.

Contrary to how spendy my nature may seem to the peoples of the Internet, I do think of all my purchases and Google reviews to the point of obsession before I flush my money down the toilet buy anything.

While Divine talked about her personal experience with Zen Zest, I checked some of their products out. Here are some of what was on our table:

Zen Zest Body Spray Set in Pure Cotton and Berry Blush — My sister really liked this set, especially the bottle of Pure Cotton, which is perfect for the day. The night calls for a richer scent, which is where Berry Blush comes in. Both bottles are 120ml, which you can get as a box set for only Php 120. For real.

Zen Zest Men’s Body Spray Set in Active and Extreme — These pint-sized bottles (80ml) sure do pack a punch, especially at Php 99 for two scents. You can choose two from four of the available scents when putting together a gift set for the men in your life to smell—and stay—fresh.

(Sidenote: Divine Lee, who is a total good-smell freak, loves to use men’s fragrance on herself. As a feel-good, comfort smell, and as a lure. LOL no idea if that works, but you could try it?)

Zen Zest Christmas Room Fragrance Set in Christmas Spirit and Winter Wonderland – I love the smell of Christmas—cinnamon, gingerbread, peppermint!—so when it comes in a bottle that you can SPRAY YOUR ROOM WITH, I’m there. Both scents in this set are cinnamon-based (Christmas Spirit is a berry-cinnamon mix, while Winter Wonderland uses cloves). My sister hates cinnamon, so I’ll just use these in our room when I’m alone and feel like smelling like Chai. Both 80ml bottles are priced at Php 99.

Speaking of room sprays, here’s the full-sized 250-ml Zen Zest Room Spray in Kitchen Fragrance. It seemed to be a blogger favorite, with everyone ooh-ing and ahh-ing when they took a whiff of the choco cappuccino. I’m not big on sweet scents, but I love the rest of the line! Each bottle goes for Php 250. My favorite is Cabinet Deodorizer, pictured below:

(image c/o of Zen Zest) Obviously they’re not to be used exclusively for what their names are. For example, Divine Lee uses Cabinet Deodorizer for when her dogs, Pritchon and Liempo, have accidents on her carpet. After a thorough cleaning, the scent is whisked away by this spray!

Scroll down for a full list of products with photos. 🙂

Raych‘s photo op with Divine Lee

LOL a legit beauty circle. I’ve NEVER been part of any of these things, so it was nice to see it all unfold right before my eyes. Shen, Melai, Donnarence, Kumi, Dior, and Divine Lee engaged in beauty talk.

I had a lot of wallflowery-type fun, as it was a sing-off and I am not in that place of boldness, yet. I did enjoy seeing all those people whose faces I only saw online. It’s like a sighting of Nessie, except fancier, I guess!

Here I am with my new friends for the night, hehe. Kristine and Chai. 🙂

Me & Kristine of Call Me Kristine. A personal highlight of the night was when she asked me if I did my own makeup because it was nice and dewy. 🙂

Me with Chai of Little Forest Girl. Another personal highlight of the night was when Chai said she followed my personal blog, Nothing Spaces! You should go take a look at hers—she’s a photographer.

However, a lot of people took the plunge for the opportunity to make their own scents to keep and give away for Christmas, as well as to make some cash. It’s nearing the Christmas season, after all. 🙂

One of the braver souls that dared to sing: Martha of The Beauty Junkee.

A super cute rendition of the Nicki Minaj hit, Superbass, by the Enciso sisters Verniece and Vern.

I had to leave before the event ended because I had to catch another appointment, but it was all in good fun. I’ll be reviewing some scents here in the next few days (if my nose can hold up to the challenge), so stay tuned!

A bonus:

Sarie, who patiently waited for me at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch.

My basic FOTD: theBalm’s Nude ‘Tude, NARS blush in Sin, Chanel Rouge Coco in Perlé. My shirt is from Cheap Monday.

Thanks again to Liz, I had a lot of fun!

A list of products:

Set of two 80ml body sprays for women, Php 99

Set of two 120ml body sprays for women, Php 120

Full selection of 80ml body sprays for men, Php 99 for set of 2

Christmas room sprays. Set of 2 80ml bottles, Php 99. 250ml bottle, Php 250

Room fragrances, 250ml, Php 250 each

Eau de Cologne

Body wash with sponge, Php 75

Have a Zen Zest Christmas!


  1. Hey Carina! 🙂 Nice meeting you! I’ve told you time and again that you are a lifesaver. Maybe ang peg natin that night is Perks of Being a Wallflower – but I definitely had so much fun with our chikkahan 🙂 Hope to see more of you soon (^.^)

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