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Blush Crush: NARS Sin

I’ve been a huge fan of NARS ever since I got a pan of Orgasm, arguably their most famous blush. I loved the peach-pink golden shimmer, even though it swatched super sparkly under the weird yellow lights of the NARS counter in Rustans Makati. I thought I didn’t need another blush in my life, but then as beauty nuts know, it’s so easy to switch obsessions on parts of the face.

When I started this beauty blog, I couldn’t get enough of eyeshadow palettes. Before that, all I looked at was lipstick. Now, I find myself wandering into the uncharted territory of my face’s middle-regions, aka my cheeks! I got a mineral blush from Revlon (which I’ve yet to review), but it wasn’t enough to sate my rather special needs.

I wanted a subtle plum that still warmed my face and brought a pretty glow to it. I didn’t want a harsh blush, but I still wanted the oddly pretty flush of pinched cheeks. I think I’ve met my match with NARS Sin.

Like Orgasm, Sin swatched really shimmery at the store. No likey. Also, a review I read online recommended this for paler skintones. I’m Fair-Medium with warm yellow undertones. I don’t know how “berry tone with golden shimmer” would look on me. Robbie, my SA, assured me that Sin looks good on all skintones, and I don’t know if that’s just sales talk, because “berry tone” does not belong to the most flattering color family, in my mind.

However, I decided to trust my better judgment and buy it anyway. You won’t be under that kind of light all that often anyway, my Rationalizer rationalized. And I believed her. Thankfully.

Sin is perfect. I apply it on the apple of my cheeks with a RealTechniques brush, and I feel really, really, really giddy inside. It’s a subtle plum with quite a bit of gold shimmer that’s only greatly visible (at least to me) in yellow light.

NARS Sin blush, swatch

NARS Sin blush, swatch. These swatches come off as shimmery, because they’re very concentrated. If patted on evenly, this isn’t as glittery. The shimmers are pretty finely-milled. There aren’t huge, distracting chunks, so your face is safe from the herpes of craft supplies.*

Check out the color, though. So beautiful. I really love it. I can’t sing enough praises for Sin, which is a funny sentence when taken out of context.

NARS blushes are notorious for being extremely pigmented, and Sin does not deviate from that vein. Actually, it’s almost as if it’s pigmented to a fault, but I think it’s really in the matter of application! I used the RealTechniques Multi Use brush from the Travel Essentials set, patting it on my cheeks, and had no trouble with muddiness or streaks.

It’s better to apply it with a light hand, as it’s very pigmented and also very buildable. Easier to pat more product on than to take out, so tread lightly. 🙂 I’ve had my NARS Orgasm blush for a pretty long time, and I used it almost exclusively. I haven’t hit pan yet, so you know you’re getting a lot of mileage for the price.

I’ve used it on Saturday and Sunday, since getting it on Friday. Here’s my Sunday #FOTD, taken at about 10:30am:

Photo by presidents

Here’s a photo I just took about 11 hours after with Photobooth:

My makeup’s pretty much gone and I’m in house clothes, but I think I see a little hint of Sin still left on my cheeks.

I know it’s really funny to profess love for a beauty product, but this has ousted Orgasm as my favorite blush. I think I’ve sated my blush curiosity. At least, for now!

VERDICT: Get it. No really, get it.
Would I purchase this again? A thousand times, yes!
How much? Php 1,450 or $28 for 0.16 oz. or 4.8g
Where to buy in Manila? NARS counters at Rustans

More product pictures:

* “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.” It’s true. Demetri Martin said so.


  1. Gracie says

    I have NARS Gilda, and a lot of the time I feel like I’ll never need another blush 😀 It’s peachy with red undertones, and I think it gives me that nice natural after-workout flush. AND it has no shimmer! I’m wary about shimmer in blushes because I’m worried it won’t look natural? Or is that irrational fear?

    Anyway, this looks gorgeous, and now I’m tempted to swatch more NARS @_@ I’m looking for a soft creamy pink ala Japanese girl and I have my eye on Deep Throat… But your post makes me want to check out Sin as well! ENABLER ALERT :))

  2. Check out Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes too! 🙂 I think Temptalia has a couple of reviews for those. They’re more on the matte side but they blend so so soooo well.

      • Ahh yep, they don’t have any presence in the PH yet. I ordered mine from Multiply. 🙂 sells them for Php 1200 each, I think.

        I have Dollface which is a very soft pink! It also lasts pretty much the whole day. 😀 Might get Exposed next month. Must. plan. purchases. LOL.

      • Mahals! Haha I don’t actually know how much they retail for, though. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Ugh, I totally get what you’re saying. Just bought a new blush from The Balm. Anyway, Robbie is super nice, but he once gave me the wrong shade of foundation 😦

    • Yeah, he told me Pago Pago was limited edition, haha. He’s nice enough naman but I think he tends to butter up his clientele so I’m a bit wary and prefer to look online first.

      Were you able to exchange it? 😦

  4. I’ve been wanting to get this blush for the longest. But cant decide among Torrid, Gina and this! This looks really convincing, though! I love how it looks on you and we pretty much have the same undertones (although I think youre lighter!) so baka bagay rin to sakin 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions on the lip balm! Ill try that nga cos Carmex, Blistex dont work on me 😦
    Followed you through Bloglovin! Im currently backreading on your entries – as I love your reviews 🙂

    The Misty Mom

    • Aww thanks for visiting my blog, I check yours out all the time 😀 Haha I like it a lot, but I can’t compare it with Torrid or Gina cos I haven’t even swatched them! Hope you find the best one for you. Medyo masakit siya sa bulsa, LOL.

  5. I really love this blush too! I got it a few months ago, just before the summer, and I’ve been wearing it almost exclusively, too. The only time I’ve deviated much is when I want to go for a completely matt blush. You’re making me want to open a beauty blog, Carina. I just want to swatch and share! But I’ll happily settle for checking yours out. x

    • Ack, I love it so much, but now, I’m also on the lookout for a matte blush! For options, I guess. HEH. Aww I would love to browse your hypothetical site! ❤

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  7. Careng! You are such an enabler HAHA I’ve been lemming for this blush and now I have to avoid Rustan’s counters at all costs because I will not be able to resist,I am positive! LOL I have Orgasm and Torrid, lovely lovely shades but craving for something different! AKA this blush ;__;

    • Hahahaha I’ve been called an enabler before. To be frank, iba naman talaga si Sin~ Haha I tend to buy blushes naman na hindi magkaka-color family. So that’s what I tell myself. HAHA. I think worth it to, though, if you’re looking for a plum blush. 🙂

  8. I love Nars! I currently have Orgasm, Oasis, and Amour. I’m eyeing Dolce Vita blush and lip matte pencil. If you’re experimenting with the dark lip, I suggest MAC diva, Nars Cruella, Nars Terre de Feu, and MAC Rebel. My absolute favorite is MAC Ruby Woo for reds (controversial since it’s so dry but the dry texture for me gives the best impact since it’s so flat.) Nars is so good for lips too! They last forever!

    • NARS is my “never leave without buying” store, so I know how you feel! I have a lot of dark lip selections currently but thank you for your suggestions! 🙂 I’m weirdly uncomfortable wearing red lipstick but I love how Ruby Woo’s finish looks!

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