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Drugstore Finds: Maybelline Refined Wine Lipstick

This is going to be a super quick post, as I’m in the middle of a frillion different things, but when my sister brought home this lipstick, I couldn’t not post about it! Last Sunday, she’d been eyeing a rich purple-y lipstick she swatched on herself, but didn’t end up getting it. I guess she was haunted by it because when she got home from getting her tennis racket gutted at the mall, she also came home with this!

Refined Wine is part of Maybelline’s limited edition collection, The Jewels by Color Sensational. The Jewels features eight jewel-toned lipsticks that I can’t help but feel are perfect for the holidays. They also have a moisturizing aspect to them, due to the honey nectar in their formulation.

She tried it out, loved it, and told me to give it a shot. Neither of us had really ventured out of the reds, pinks, and peaches in terms of lipsticks, so I was glad to oblige. Refined Wine is such a perfect name for this shade, a rich, red violet perfect for a night out.

Maybelline’s The Jewels by ColorSensational Lipstick: Refined Wine

Here it is in the tube. It’s a little intimidating, because it looks so dark. There’s a little bit of shimmer in the tube, but there aren’t any noticeable ones when you swatch or slide it on.

Maybelline’s The Jewels by ColorSensational Lipstick: Refined Wine Swatch

The consistency is creamy and it’s very easy to put on your lips. Of course, take great care to stay within the lines! Deeply pigmented, it will show if you make a mistake or wobble. I can’t say much for wear, but it seems to stay on. The formula isn’t particularly moisturizing on me, but it isn’t drying either.

The stain is persistent, and the color stays even if the moisture doesn’t. The scent is a bit strong, but it’s pleasant enough so I can forgive it.

Overall, it’s a great lipstick and I’m glad my sister bought it. I don’t know if it’ll get a lot of wears from me, but maybe when I can put it on on days that I need to feel a little bit older! Funnily enough, my sister told me that I reminder her of Taylor Swift in stripes and red lipstick when I tried this on. Here’s a calendar I filched from her site, for reference:

Maybe that’s a look I can try? LOLJK. I do not think I can rock it, but she looks nice.

Maybelline’s The Jewels by ColorSensational Lipstick: Refined Wine Tube

What I do not like about this line, aside from the overpowering smell and taste, is the packaging. Yikes. I know it’s supposed to feel luxe, but it’s anything but. It reminds me of metallic chrome-y finish of plastic crowns made of to adopt the shine of real crowns or Lisa Frank, if she ventured into beauty products.

I mean, it’s cute, but I don’t want to see that in my makeup bag, especially when I’m trying to look all adult. All in all, a good purchase, though.

Maybelline’s The Jewels by ColorSensational Lipstick: Refined Wine

VERDICT: Pretty good purchase for people who like deeper shades; I’m glad I can borrow.
How much? Php 399 for 3.9g
Where to buy in Manila? Maybelline counters in Watsons and select department stores


  1. Lovely color 🙂 I think I still have an Eyeko lip thing (it looks like a pencil but it’s creamy, so “thing”) that’s sort of fuchsia and I just love how it brightens up the face.

  2. Sheens says

    I loved this shade. And I love this project of yours! I’m usually the type to wash my face after 15 mins of having make up on. But here’s to trying new things and sticking to it. 🙂

    • Yay! I’m glad. 🙂 Haha I used to stay far far away from makeup. The few times I had my face made up, I felt like crap LOL. But then! I figured out I just needed to lessen the product/not put too much and I’d look fine.

  3. So pretty, Carina! Hope you post a lot of your outfits!
    Btw, I love the scarf! Where did you buy it? Thanks!

    • Aww, thank you! I’m a bit shy because I don’t really know a lot about fashion~ Haha and it’s a bit awkward to pose while people around you are going about their business. Anyway, the scarf is by ChiChiDee on Etsy. 🙂

  4. Read this post of yours when you had first posted it. Was intrigued so I kept it in mind, but never was able to go try it myself.

    I was walking around MarketMarket Dept Store yesterday when I spotted Maybelline on sale for these two shades: Berry Brilliant and Refined Wine! Php199.50 each!!! I couldn’t resist so I bought both. Two for the price of one!

    I absolutely love the shades. To think, I used to be unable to wear lipstick (it just looked so awkward!) and was an avid lip-balmer. Wonderful pick! 😉

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