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Clean brushes with J&C!

Apologies for the haphazard photos, but I had an urge to clean my brushes last night, when I got home from an event. Though cleaning my makeup brushes is usually therapeutic for me, it’s sometimes a real hassle to go through the ritualistic process. Especially late at night. I mean, I just want clean brushes! Is that too much to ask for?

I discovered J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner while perusing my favorite local beauty blogs, and decided to get one for myself. At Php 400 per 120ml bottle, it’s cheaper than its MAC ($14/235ml) or Clinique ($14/236ml) counterparts. So, when I got a hankering to clean my brushes, I figured I might as well show you how this works, too.

The bottle has a spray nozzle, and a clear cap. For the smaller brushes, I used the cap as a dipping bowl, as was suggested by Liz.

The scent—peppermint—is strong, but I quite like it.

What I like about this method, is that it’s pretty klutz-proof. I am not good at keeping the water out of the ferrules of the brushes, which is a must if you want to keep your brushes longer. When water gets in there, the glue that holds the bristles together weakens. This is also why you shouldn’t use a hairdryer to dry your brushes.

Wipe the solution-laden bristles on a paper towel to clean. I usually use a face towel that I can throw in the wash when it gets really dirty. It’s also more absorbent, I found. But, as I said, this was done late at night and I couldn’t be bothered.

Yay clean brush!

For bigger brushes with a gunkier mess, I opted to spray the solution on, which is what the instructions at the back say. It uses up more solution, though, as the nozzle disperses it over large areas.

Clean brushes, yay! It took me about fifteen minutes to do these six brushes, and they pretty much dried right away.

Can’t help but think of how pretty my gunk-infused paper towel is.

Ingredients and Instructions.

VERDICT: Great, quick and thorough cleaning solution. Dries quickly, smells strong.
Will I purchase again? Definitely.
How much? Php 400 for 120ml
Where to buy this in Manila? I bought mine over Multiply.


  1. Neat! I’ll have to see if they sell that around here. I’ve been thinking about cleaning my makeup brushes lately and using the brush soap I use for paint brushes probably wouldn’t be a good idea, ahaha….

    • Baby shampoo and lukewarm water (not hot or cold!) works well 🙂 MAC, Clinique, MUFE and Sephora all have their versions, too!

      And no, I don’t think paint brush soap would work the same way for these, lol.

  2. Stubled upon here. Didn’t know you were into makeup, Carina!

    I’m quite anal about clean brushes too. I use the Smashbox spray for quick fixes–but nothing can beat a rea washing every other week. You’d be surprised at the wonders clear water and Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo can do to your brushes.

    • Hallo! It’s sort of a new interest that took off really quickly. Hehe. I do clean my brushes once a week in baby shampoo and warm water. I suppose I’d been looking for a quick fix 🙂

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  4. So I guess this is why my brushes are shedding, I don’t have this. I deep clean all the time. The only brushes that survived my religious deep cleaning are marionnaud blush brush, bodyshop kabuki, shiseido, and nichido.

    • Hey Rae, I do deep cleans once or twice a month lang but I don’t wear makeup everyday. I don’t really like this brush cleaner anymore. Parang the alcohol fucked up my MAC 217; the bristles got so dry they started breaking off.

      • That’s my experience with Sigma. Many people like them but after my first wash (with a liquid castile soap) some of the bristles broke off leaving the brush scratchy and pokey.

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