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My First Tube of MAC Viva Glam: Viva Glam V

I only have one other MAC lipstick other than this recent purchase (a pretty nude-y, creamy one called Jubilee) because I can’t stand the smell of vanilla. Also, MAC seems to be the brand of which people have all sorts of opinion. I rely a lot on reviews, and I can’t go into a MAC store and just swatch things. I have to know what I’m going to try before I go there. It took me eons to decide on Jubilee and I wasn’t about to let that happen again.

MAC Viva Glam V was brought to my attention by the Lipstick Bandits, for their “Universally Flattering” edition. Prior to this discovery, I had strangely assumed that all the lipsticks from the Viva Glam line were either red or bold.

Viva Glam V is a soft pearly pink with a lustre finish. It’s more glossy (but not lipgloss-levels) than shimmery, which is what I feel like sets it apart from an MLBB find I had, NARS Pago Pago, which is on the very glittery side.

Swatched, it’s quite a pigmented pale pink that catches the light really, really well. I feel like you can add this to the center of your lips, on top of a darker shade, for added pop and depth.

On my lips, it’s barely noticeable. I guess that’s why it’s universally flattering. I do like it a lot, though, as it’s very wearable and versatile. It is a go-to lip color for people who like playing up their other features with a super smokey eye or a bold cheek color. Application is pretty smooth. Packaging is excellent. Wear is standard; reapplication needed after eating or 2-3 hours of wear.

It’s also flattering for more neutral looks and is just kind of your all-around, dependable lipstick. Kind of like the agreeable “yes-man.” In the world of lipstick anyway. For this look, for example, using a bolder or more colorful lipstick would make it look extremely heavy.

(I put on eye, cheek and lip makeup in between working because I was so stressed out. I don’t have anything else on my face other than a little smattering of pimples, as well as a thin layer of sweat.)

I learned that the Viva Glam line gives all proceeds to the MAC AIDS fund, which goes to the caring for people living with HIV and AIDS. Instead of their trademark silver barrel, the Viva Glam lipstick barrels are a chrome-y red.

VERDICT: Great lipstick that would suit a lot of skin tones. Not a particularly exciting shade, but super wearable and can stand alongside more bold cheek or eye makeup.
Would I purchase again? Probably.
How much? Php 1,000 for 3g or 0.1 oz.
Where to buy in Manila? MAC Counters in Rustans Department stores, MAC store in Mall of Asia


  1. Looks pretty. If the shimmery bits are super fine, I just might give in. (argh I’m broke!)

    • They’re supah-fine. Barely there, tbh. I’ll bring it the next time we see each other so you can try my tube instead of the icky counter tester hehe. 🙂 Speaking of which, when do I see you again!

  2. My Lucite Dreams says

    I love MAC lipstick, this one is lovely! One of my faves is viva glam II, although its not for everyone,

    • Ah, I think I was gravitating towards that one while looking for the Viva Glam V! Haha maybe next time. I Googled swatches and it looks super beautiful. 🙂

  3. It looks like a MLBBAWG (my lips but better and with gloss) shade 🙂 I want to get the Viva Glam 1 naman 🙂

    • I have a MLBBAS (MLBB and Shinier), which is NARS’ Pago Pago! I kind of noticed I have a lot of neutrals, too! I just saw Viva Glam I and wow, va-va-va-voom!

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