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Drugstore Haul: Skin Care & Eye Stuff

Sunday is drugstore day! That’s one of the few times I find myself in a mall, so I pounce at the opportunity to replenish my “necessities.” Well, these aren’t really necessities, but that’s the time I have to peruse the drugstore to find steals!

Drugstore Haul - St Ives

I got these things from St. Ives: Moisturizing Olive Cleanser (Php 249.75), in hopes that I have found a cleanser that can take the place of shu uemura’s cleansing oil. I tried this today and it worked well enough but smelled yucky. In my opinion anyway. I can deal with it, because it’s an awesome makeup remover and my skin feels sufficiently moisturized!

The Blemish Control Apricot Scrub (Php 197) came with this free sample size of the Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion. I was on the lookout for the green tea scrub, but all we had are several variants of the apricot. I used this last night, though and my skin felt so good! I want to use the scrub again tonight, but my sister said you should only do it 2-3 times a week, so I will resist. The smell is fantastic and it’s very easy to use!

Drugstore Haul - Masks

Face masks! These are pretty generic ones. I heard Estée of Essie Button used masks a lot, and I don’t know if these are any good, but there’s no harm in trying. These range from Php 29-39, if I’m not mistaken. I treated my sister to the anti-aging ones as she is extremely paranoid about wrinkly skin.

Drugstore Haul - Eye Stuff

I also got the Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On (Php 229) and the Ardell Falsies in 101 Black (Php 350) for my sister because she has always wanted to try both. I got these two Marionnaud N°8 eyeshadow brushes (Php 149.00 each), just because. These were supposed to be Buy 1, Get 1 but the cashier punched them as two items so I am a tiny bit sad about that.

And, that’s that! I don’t buy much drugstore makeup here because they mark them up so high, I feel like I’m buying from a mid-range brand. Which in turn makes me want to just buy high-end makeup. Which I know doesn’t make much sense, but there you go.

Any great finds as of late? I would love to hear about them! 🙂


  1. During my last trip to Manila I hauled some of Marionnaud’s brushes — the N°8 eyeshadow one is among my favorites! I also got some brushes from e.l.f., but they are sadly brittle and rough on the skin. :\ La lang just felt like sharing haha.

    • Let me know if you want to try out any other brushes or products here! 🙂 elf’s were among my first brushes. They shed so much and smell funny when I wash them.

  2. thinacruz says

    Try Nature Republic’s Cleansing Oil 🙂 That’s my dupe for Shu 🙂 Just not sure if they have it in their Manila stores 🙂

  3. Get Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and Lotion. It has a lavender scent without being too cloying. For moisturizers, try Olay 7 signs, it’s really effective. There’s a version that has a touch of foundation. And for lazy days, try Celeteque’s Moisturizing Mist.

    Skin care is more of my element. Hehe. 🙂

    • Thanks Sheens! I’m trying to take better care of my skin, so these suggestions are perfect and much appreciated. 🙂

  4. I’m very impressed with the Marionnaud blush brush I bought a couple of months ago. 🙂 I’m planning to get a powder brush from them soon! Sadly, the one I got from Charm is terribly scratchy. 😦

    • Which ones did u buy? I have the angled blush brush from Marionnaud and its awesome but idk if that’s similar to what you’re looking for! I’m happy with my RealTechniques brush:)

      • Yup, the angled blush brush from Marionnaud Premium! 🙂 Super love it! I want a big fluffy brush for setting my foundation sana. 😀

  5. I have recently discovered the joys of St. Ives’ products. My face feels so clean & refreshed after using them! I loved the apricot scrub (I also picked up the blemish control variant) upon first try, but it’s their green tea scrub that’s a mini-revelation. They are now both must haves for me – and they help keep my regular skin care routine very low maintenance.

  6. I’ve never seen anyone make a review about it, but Mondes’ Moroccan Argan Oil hair masque is amazeballs! It makes my hair super soft (I leave it on for as long as I could), smells divine (reminds me of the shampoos they use in salons) and is cheap, too! (Php109 for a tub)! I’ve always wanted to see what the hype about moroccan argan oil is all about but because I’m cheap I never get the chance to until now! :))

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