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First Nature Republic Haul!

A few weeks ago, Patty alerted me to Nature Republic’s February markdown sale, so off I went! Nature Republic is a Korean brand, by the by. The name would suggest that. I asked for a list of recommendations and I just pretty much got what she told me to get (I am a sheep) because I was in a hurry. Here be my loot!

Nature Republic Haul

Products in focus: Shine Blossom Rose Blusher (04 Lovely Rose), Aloe Vera 80% Cleansing Gel Cream, Sleeping Tonight Lavender Sleeping Pack.

I will get into the blusher down below, but let me talk about the other two products in focus here. OK, so Patty advised me to get all of the items here, except for the Sleeping Pack, which I just got to make my purchase reach Php 1,000 for a free membership.

I’ve tried the Aloe Vera 80% Cleansing Cream Gel when I got home to take off my makeup. It’s alright. It got rid of my eye makeup fairly well, but I should note that I wasn’t wearing anything waterproof today. I was a bit miffed that I had to follow it up with another cleanser, as I was hoping that I could use this for when my St. Ives cleanser runs out. Alas. It works pretty well, though, but I will save the real review for later when I’ve spent more time with it.

The Sleeping Pack was just something I wanted to try. It’s moisturizing, which I don’t know why, but I feel like my skin really needs.

Nature Republic Haul 2

Product in focus: 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

This is, from what I can gather, an all-around moisturizer. The directions said to apply it directly to moisture-deprived areas. Patty said that it could be used for hair, too!

Now, for a quick look at the blush.

Nature Republic - Rose Blush - Package

Here’s the packaging. It comes in a super cute tin with a powder puff. I have never used these before so I can’t really say if they’re any good for application, but just so you know what it comes with.

Nature Republic - Rose Blush - Swatch

AND HERE IS THE SWATCH. I had no idea it was going to be so pale! I bought this without swatching, because I’m a dumbass. The SA told me that the shade 03 was the bestseller, but I went ahead and bought this one because the label looked “plummier.” AH. I haven’t tried it on my face, but hopefully it will be alright. I think it could be okay. I hope?

Nature Republic - Free Compact

And, last but not the least, the free compact I got! I gave this away, since it’s not very me and someone might get more use out of it.

I wanted to look at the makeup some more, but like I said, I was rushing. Maybe before February (and their sale!) ends.

And, that’s it for now. Thanks for looking!


  1. Ooh i was just researching abt this product actually. was in landmark and saw a trio bb cream set for like 800 and they smelled really good. haha feb sale! i have to go now!

  2. Carina! I have this goofy smile on my face just because you mentioned and “hyperlinked” me. Hahaha. Starstruck moment!

    The 80% Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Cream is sadly not your sole facial cleanser, you have to follow it up with a facial wash — that translates to “double cleansing” that Koreans ( most of them) follow as a skin care routine. Don’t fret though because when I use it, t picks ups most white heads (eww) It gets better in time with continued use. (what?)

    Oh that Essence card thingy gives you additional 10% off on their mark down prices. For non-sale days, you still get 10% off. Much better deal than Etude’s Pink Card that let’s you earn points.

    • It’s a moisturizing mask that goes on clear like a gel formula and you leave it on while you sleep then wash your face in the morning! It’s bango 😀

  3. CARINA! Where can I get Nature Republic here?? I hoarded their Aloe Vera gel when I went to Korea cos I thought we don’t have this in Manila! I’m good til like 2015…But yknow just in case! Haha!

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