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Quickie: Put on a Fancy Face with Tom Ford’s Lipstick in Flamingo

Every once in a while, I like to splurge on a single piece of makeup that I’ve been lemming, through reading blogs and watching videos. This particular case was special because I wanted both a blush and a lipstick by Tom Ford. I’ve heard so much about how good they are but can’t try them from where I am because Manila sucks. (Jk, Manila, I love you. Most of the time.)

Anyway, I found a seller called Make Up Pro. They have two branches and also take online orders, in case you were wondering.

Tom Ford Lipstick - Flamingo

The shade I picked for the lipstick is Flamingo, which has been a pretty celebrated color. It’s a weird combination of muted but bright and wearable pink. It reminds me of the darkest pink on a flamingo’s feathers. I read someone’s blog and she said it was the perfect bright lipstick because it was so easy to wear. Since I am such a sheep sometimes, I got it, swiped it on and loved it. (!)

Which is a good thing because it was freaking expensive.

I think this is a beautifully bright shade of pink that would go well in the Spring (with a light, pastel-y eye) and the Summer (with a dark neutral brown eye). I think it would also go well in the Fall or Winter, with a clean face and nice, structured contouring. I don’t know; maybe it’s just me thinking of ways to wear it all year round so that I can justify my having splurged on this baby. In any case, we don’t have seasons so I can technically wear it the whole year if I wanted to. (I don’t, but I could.)

The other good thing about it is that it’s pretty much a “full coverage” lip color with just one swipe. Which, to me, means that I use up less product to get full opacity. I still like to bring it around, though. 🙂

So, despite the price, this is mostly a good purchase for me. While it is extremely pigmented, it tends to highlight dry patches, so I would only use this if I had a good lip day. This color draws so much attention to the lip, might as well have a pair of lips that don’t look parched like the Sahara desert.

I’m thinking of doing a more in-depth review on this. Or at least do some looks that pairs this off well. We shall see!

Have you tried Tom Ford’s lipsticks? What color is your favorite?


  1. this was the lipstick that got me interested in tom ford! my first tom ford purchase was violet fatale though, bc for whatever reason i liked that shade better! i now have 6 TF lipsticks and had forgotten all about how i liked this one!

  2. Hi ! I really enjoy your posts:) What is the name of the online store where you ordered TomFord? I’ve been trying other brands which are not available here like Rouge Bunny Rouge, Suqqu and Addiction. Next on my to try brands is Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana for blush, Armani for lip maestro and Kevyn Aucoin for the Candlelight highlighter. 🙂

      • Thank you for the recs! I have a Japan trip coming up, so those are perfect. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Hello! May I know where the branches of Make Up Pro are? The facebook link doesn’t work anymore 😦 Thank you! 🙂

      • You can search for their new Facebook page! I haven’t been to any of their branches kasi, I’ve just ordered online, so I can’t tell you rin. Sorry. 😦

    • Hope you found something! Their markup is a bit inconsistent. The MAC Limited Edition items tend to be super marked up but the OCC Lip Tars are the cheapest ones I’ve come across in Manila. 🙂

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  5. This has been very, very helpful. Just ordered YSL lipsticks from the US and it cost me a fortune! Been eyeing TF lipsticks lately but I really do not want to order from the US again. Been thinking the only way I’ll have them is if someone flies back to Manila. Now that I know about Make Up Pro, I’m totally getting TF lipsticks in no time! So, thanks again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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