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Quickie: Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole

Chanel - Frivole - Compact

I can wax poetic about this beautiful peach apricot blush by Chanel, but I won’t. I’ll spare ya. What I will tell you, though, is that infuses a beautiful glow on your face. Prepare for a smattering of warmth, when you put it on. It’s a subtle kind of warmth; the kind that seems like it’s spreading across your cheeks from that special place in your heart.

The Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole ($43) is the kind of thing that I knew I wanted to have the minute I saw it in Spring 2013 promo pictures. It’s just a beautiful orange blush that looks mega-bright on the pan but is actually a) subtle on the cheeks/skin, and b) fairly buildable.

Chanel - Frivole - Compact2

Frivole comes with a full-size compact mirror and a slightly stiff and rough brush, as well as a little velvet pouch to keep it scratch-free when you throw place it gently into your bag. When you open it, the air begins to smell strongly like “roses” but it really reminds me of what a lola or grandma would wear. I prefer Guerlain’s violet scent, but I can live with this.

Chanel - Frivole - Swatch

Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole, light swatch (blended)

Wear is average; not that impressive, though blushes tend to erase themselves from my face fairly often. The powder itself is top-notch quality—finely-milled, excellent color pay-off, blendable, and buildable. It’s a tad too subtle on my skin tone, but I can layer the color until I am satisfied with the pigmentation. I am very wary of “overblushing,” so I try to really place the tiniest dab on my cheeks, and then just go from there.

I do not want to look like an orange, thank you very much.

VERDICT: Beautiful apricot blush that imparts a soft, warm glow.
How much? $44 or 6g or 0.21oz.
Will I repurchase? Yes.
Where to buy? Nordstrom or Chanel counters in Rustan’s department stores, if you’re in Manila. I have no idea when they will release this collection, though.


  1. My Lucite Dreams says

    I Already know this blush looks gorgeous on you! I can imagine it adds a great amount of warmth.

  2. Oh I love a good orange blush (and the smell of Chanel makeup—-matrona lang! )

    I have a great one called pumpkin from MUD which is just great for my tan complexion!

    Have you tried layering blushes? Or blushes with bronzers?

    • I know! I kind of dislike it a lot. I didn’t know the scent was THAT strong.

      Oooh, what is MUD? Haha.

      I’ve been layering the rest of my Tarte blushes over the outer edges of Exposed. I remember wearing a look with a Tarte bronzer and this Chanel blush, and sometimes I layer a powder blush over a cream/whipped blush!

    • Thank you, Joyce. 🙂 I think I get frustrated with blush that “doesn’t turn up that well” on my skin, but then I don’t want a COLOR BLOTCH on my cheeks anyway, so I guess I don’t know what I want. Hahaha

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