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February Favorites

February Favorites

YAY, I actually had this up on time! Also, on video, too. Ooooh, fancy. Anyway, here are some products that I’ve been loving the past month. February was the month of the ghosts of parcels past. Everything that I ordered on impulse in January came to Nickelback* me. So, I didn’t get to do try some of the products quite as extensively as I used these ones that I’ve picked out.

Here are my February favorites! All are mentioned in the video, but I thought I would do a little bit of talking about each product some more in text and picture form~

February Favorites Part I

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Collection Reviewed & Swatched)

Holy cow, these blushes are amazing. I was on the fence about purchasing them, since they are a bit on the pricey side (Php 1,200 each, from the retailer I got) and the only way I could pick any up was if I ordered online, without seeing how the colors would look on me or how the texture was.

I first got Natural Beauty, which is described as a strawberry shade. I fell in love with it, and I watched a few videos on YouTube about people’s Tarte blush collections and I ended up getting three more shades. They’re what I’ve been using pretty much the entire month, so that’s good.

2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (Cheers to Me Champagne)

I resolved to wear something on my face with SPF, so I took the risk and got this product after researching online. I don’t know why I do this, but again, I purchased this from an online retailer with a skin tone guesstimate and just hoped for the best. I am weird and trusting like that. Luckily, it seems to be the correct shade.

I wore it a lot when I first got it, but I sometimes interchange with a BB cream if I don’t feel like putting “foundation” on my face. It’s light to medium coverage (as it’s buildable), but I will save the specifics for a later review. Anyway, bottom line: quite happy with it, no break-outs just yest; my sister is, too!

3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (Darling, Sweetheart, Crush) (Reviewed)

Now, these are a tricky subject for me. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains caught my eye in late October and I’ve been resisting purchasing them because I just found them so expensive for a drugstore “tinted lip balm.” When people urged me on a drugstore haul post that these were worth trying, I scoured the Internet for cheaper sources and luckily, found a shop. I got three shades—Darling, Sweetheart, and Crush—though the one I initially wanted—Honey—wasn’t available.

WELL. Despite some issues with the color of the stains, I LOVE THEM. So consider my words eaten.

February Favorites - LUSH

4. LUSH Northern Lights Soap

Northern Lights is a Christmas edition soap by LUSH that I picked up when they went on sale. It smells great and fresh, and the smell remains on your skin after a shower. Subtly, of course. I literally sniff my arm randomly, because it just smells so good. LUSH says that it is made of the smell of fresh pine and lime, so think about that for a moment.

It is also fluorescent! I feel like I am lathering myself up with a highlighter. It doesn’t actually produce that much bubbles, but I still like it a lot. The resulting drain water sort of looks like toxic waste, which is très cool.

February Favorites - Part III

5. Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eye Pencil (Lola) (Hauled & Swatched)

A beautiful shimmery, creamy brown pencil for the eyes. I don’t have that many eye pencils (weird), but I loved this right away. I’ve been wearing it a lot. The formula is great and does not tug at the lids. It’s very easy to put on and I love the color because it’s not as harsh as a black liner, but still offers some definition to the eyes.

I mistakenly mistook (!) it for a retractable pencil, but even though it’s the twist-up kind, it does not twist down. So, lesson learned.

6. Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo (Tough as Taupe) (FOTD: Drugstore Face)

These aren’t available in Manila, so I searched high and low for one of the only two matte-ish shades from the 24H Color Tattoo line. Found the more neutral one, loved it, end of a beautiful story. I can’t wear this everyday, because sometimes it looks ashy on me. I think I need to find that winning combination and all shall be well.

February Favorites Part IV

7. Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait (Avarice and Orgueil) (Reviewed: Avarice, Orgueil)

Ah, the Guerlain Rouge L’Extrait: an oldie, but a goodie. Avarice is a great “everyday” neutral that looks unassuming but is so much more. It looks like a boring neutral brown nude and I wouldn’t really have gotten it if it weren’t for Gracie’s constant praises of the shade. I have this and two other shades from this particular line and I wear this out the most because it’s such an easy and pleasant shade to wear.

A bolder option is Orgueil, which is the first L’Extrait that I got. It’s a bold, deep red-plum color, which I used for my “Oscars look.” (LOL, as if.) It’s still my favorite shade.

8. Guerlain x Emilio Pucci Meteorites Brush (Reviewed, sort of)

I initially thought it was a bit scratchy, but it turns out that it’s super good for multi-tasking. I use it for blush, highlight, and finishing powder application. It’s also super convenient to travel with. The size is perfect, and the fact that it comes with its own cute little case is great as well.

February Favorites - Pucci

It is also a thing of beauty, as you can probably tell. Shiny brown handle (with scalloped engravings) and deep blue bristles? Yes, please!

9. NYX Powder Blush (Bourgeois Pig) (FOTD: Drugstore Face)

I’ve been on a super crazy blush kick this month, and this was, weirdly, one of my first favorite finds. It’s a cool pink blush that is incredibly pigmented. It’s a bit chalky and powdery, but I can deal with that just because it’s so, so pigmented but also easy to blend. Not to mention, it’s so cheap, especially when you compare it to the other blushes on this list. I wear this when I want to look “fun” and e name makes me giggle and think of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Because of the quality at that price point, I picked up four (lol) other shades as well. I really wasn’t kidding when I said “super crazy blush kick.”

February Favorites - Part V

10. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

Bought it, loved it. Too bad it only comes in the small packaging. Lizzy directed me to it, since I couldn’t find it anywhere. (It’s in Podium, you guys.) I love the Apricot Scrub, but this Green Tea variant just got rid of my months-long, pesky forehead breakout. The exfoliating beads are finer, so it’s a bit more pleasant to use. I want to stock up on this, but I feel like I have to deny my hoarder self these unnecessary whims and just save this for a breakout or wait until I run out.

11. Sara Happ The Lip Slip

I’ve had this for a while but I only started using it regularly fairly recently. I put it on at night and when I wake up before I get ready for anything else. It improved the condition of my lips, and it just feels luxurious on the lips. I feel like I can probably get the same results with Carmex, though, but I won’t say no to a pampering.

I got this, along with the cocoa scrub, at about half price off during a Black Friday sale.

And, that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading through my favorites. I’m a very wordy girl. What were some of your favorite finds last month? 🙂

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* See Nickelback’s “This is How You Remind Me.” Or you know, just try to recall it so you don’t have to see it.

Full disclosure: All items purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned brands.


  1. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Maybelline color tatoo so I could try it out but I can’t seem to find it in stores. They say they last forever, is that true? Nice product post 🙂

    • They’re not available at Maybelline counters here, so I buy from Multiply stores! What do you mean by ‘last forever’? Anyway, thank you for the nice comment!

  2. Gracie says

    Girlcrush reinforced!!!

    You have me lemming for the tarte blushes every time you post about them T.T I want exposed. And tipsy because I used to have a tarte stain in tipsy and I think I liked the color.

    What blush are you wearing in the video? 😀

    • Why?? I’m so awkward lol. If you are in need of a new blush, I would rec these!

      Also, I am wearing Illamasqua’s Lover in the video. 🙂

  3. chelsea says

    the green tea variant!!! no luck in finding it here around QC area. 😐

  4. Bought St. Ives Green Tea Scrub over the weekend. I love it! Thank you for the reco. 🙂

  5. pretty picks! 🙂 i liked northern lights too, but my favorite holiday soap was snow globe. but i just love lush, so there are so many yummy smelling things lol. I really want the sara happ lip slip eventually, but there’s just so much stuff to buy haha! plus i have la mer lip balm and Nuxe reve de miel, so i’ll have to save that and by terry baume de rose for the next batch of products when i run out. I’ve been wanting those guerlain rouge l’extraits forever… but they just keep falling to the bottom of the list lol!

    • Thank ya! My gf actually loves Snow Globe 🙂 I, on the other hand, want the La Mer lip balm and the Nuxe reve de miel, AND the By Terry Baume de Rose but Jessica of Getting Cheeky said they were fairly similar. 🙂 If you plan on getting a L’Extrait, I would go with Avarice or Orgueil (as I have written here hehe). 😀

      • yes, they do look like quite pretty shades! 🙂 Lol maybe we just need ALL the lip balms lol. Anyways, thanks for the reminder to take out my guerlain pucci bronzer and maybelline tough as taupe too! 🙂

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