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A Midafternoon in Paris with L’Oreal

L'Oreal Blogger Invite I don’t get invited to a lot of beauty events, so I really appreciate it when I do. Last Saturday was the launch of some new and exciting products for L’Oreal in the Philippines. The products were divided into skin care, hair care, and of course—makeup.

A Midafternoon in Paris was held at Sweet Bella Cafe in Greenbelt 5. It made me really nostalgic for my most recent (and first) trip to Paris, just because I was attempting to edit my video diary for it a few days ago. The cafe was littered with tiny Eiffel Towers. I really liked this particular event because it was small (but not too small), and I don’t know. It was just a very relaxed gathering~

Here’s the invite, because I found it so cute.


Here are some new people I met: Lana and Arnie. They’re local fashion bloggers. Niche is an old, old friend. We met online and worked briefly for an online publication called Altercation. I was around grade school/high school age then. Now, we see each other during events sometimes. 🙂


Arlene, Dyan and AC of L’Oreal. 🙂 Will asked a bunch of questions and we lined up in front of the letter that we answered the most. Kinda like a game show, but everything you answer is correct!


The saddest picture ever. LOL.

Although, to my left is Tracy, and she said she read my (real) blog. That was nice of her, I thought. 🙂

ORED1207_108_MastDP LUMIMAGIQUE.indd

Look, it’s Doutzen!

The most votes went to makeup, obviously! L’Oreal released the Lucent Magique line, which I had been eyeing last week. They have a liquid foundation (!), a two-way cake/powder, and a highlighter pen that’s reportedly comparable to the YSL Touche Eclat.


They also had some color products for us to swatch and try. There was a Color Riche Les Ombres eye quad (I think in Nude Lingerie!), and it was so pretty. Perfect smoky eye for the spring/summer, I think. 🙂 They also had some shades of the Color Riche lipstick, and the Shine Caresse! I picked one shade up a few weeks ago, thanks to Juvy. I didn’t know that stores carried them here already.

We got the liquid foundation to try out (which is what I wanted the most), and I bought my mom a highlighter pen after the event, because she wanted to try it out. These products are usually available at Watsons and other drugstores. I did have to go to two different places for the pen, though, but the liquid foundation and the compact are usually in stock. More on those in another post. 🙂


They also have an awesome new hair line in stocks in the Philippines. The Ever Strong and Ever Pure range(s?) aren’t exactly new, but they weren’t available in the Philippines until recently. I can already attest to the quality of the Ever Strong shampoo and conditioner, because I use my sister’s when she isn’t looking.

I hate having to deal with my hair—even brushing is a chore to me. With this tandem, I don’t even have to care about tangling, because it just gets rid of it. And my hair’s pretty thick, let me tell you. ANOTHER PLUS POINT: These smell like Rosemary! ❤


Lastly, we have their new skin care line, the Revitalift Laser. The idea is that the results you get from this range are comparable to having laser treatments. Ambitious claims, L’Oreal! While I can’t say for sure if these claims are true, I did try both the serum and the cream on my hand and they are so fricken lightweight and are just a dream on your hand. They sink in so nicely and the finish is so velvety and not sticky at all.


We were fed, too. I especially liked these grilled veggies on mini croissants.


Sarie was my companion for the day (no surprise there)! While the rest of the people we met were fashion, beauty, or lifestyle bloggers, Sarie writes about her biggest blog love, food.


Some more food. And tiny Eiffel Towers.


Here is my face. I used Snoe Beauty’s Let it B WasaB (I believe it’s a BB Cream) in Warm Honey. They actually sent me the wrong shade (I got Perfect Beige), but it turned out OK, I think. Maybe? Yes? Beside me is Will, who is a marketing intern for L’Oreal. He’s from the UK and used to extra for Skins.


Pain au chocolat (♥) and macarons.


With Dyan and Liz of Project Vanity. Her blog is one of my favorites! I mean, obviously. We exchanged a few words, but it was super encouraging, but I’ll get into that in another post. LOL. Yeah, that’s how much our “conversation” meant to me. 🙂

(P.S. This is why people wear heels, btw.)


And with the lovely Tara of Chronicles of Vanity! This is the first time we met. 🙂


And here is Doutzen’s face. See how glowy it is! I actually tried the Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation today and I love it. I will use it a bit more before I give a review, but so far, it’s amazing.

That’s it for now! Thanks to L’Oreal for having me and Sarie. I’m currently eyeing the serum~ I can’t seem to find them in stock yet, though. Thanks for reading. 🙂


  1. jamie says

    Hi carina! i hope you can do a blog post about how you store and organize your make up.

    • Hi Jamie! I’m waiting on some online orders and I plan to organize my collection after I get them all here. 🙂

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  4. jeanstefmari says

    Hello Carina! How much is their lucent magique foundation here? 🙂 thanks!!

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