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Mail Time: Too Cool for School Haul

KoreaDepart Haul

Hello! Here’s another haul. I bought these items about three weeks ago and now they have come into my possession. Off the bat, I am very pleased with my purchases. I have some (color!) items that I have my eye on (again), but I’m holding off purchases right now. Anyway, I bought these products from Korea Depart, and they are a pleasure to do business with!

As you may have read in my last post, I found out about Too Cool For School from Wiji of Dandelion Whiskers. I searched high and low for a retailer of this product and found Korea Depart! They carry a lot of Korean brands, too, and have reasonable shipping fees so go take a look.

Korea Depart Products

What I got for myself, L-R: Angel Hand Cream in Grapefruit, Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in Mother of Pearl (this is a luminizer), a Marshmallow Puff (a pretty good Beauty Blender dupe!), and Break Time Lip Tint Balm in Rose Dream.

I especially like the Dinoplatz line because of the design and illustrations. Agh, beauty products should just stop being so darned cute. I seriously have a problem saying ‘no’ to cute things. 😦

Korea Depart - For Sarie

In addition to those things, I got this for myself, and another one for Sarie! Just because it’s so cute. Seriously. Bath salts called “Bathtime for Dinos”? This didn’t even give me a chance.

I do not even have a tub anymore.

Korea Depart Haul - Samples

And here be some samples! I don’t know what they are all for, LOL.

Anyway, as you can see, I bought pretty standard, boring things. I wanted some color cosmetics at the time of purchase but the ones I’d been eyeing weren’t in stock/were discontinued. I’ve checked back today, though, and it seems as though they relaunched the “freedom palette,” so that’s what I’m looking at. Definitely not soon, though. I think I’ll be buying from Korea Depart in late April or May. I have to curb my spending for sure.

But for now, I’m extremely happy with these purchases.


    • I know, that’s what suckered me in, too! Haha. Would love to know if you end up getting anything!

  1. I love how cute all of these products are! I love to hang onto interesting containers, and I feel like the Marshmallow Puff would be a cool little container to have once you are finished with the product (btw, Marshamallow Puff is the cuttest name ever). I kind of laughed when I read you don’t even have a tub, but you bought the bath salts, lol. Cute products are dangerous for our wallets.

    • I know, I have boxes of flattened out boxes and I don’t know what to do with them! I actually use the puff container as a sit-on stand for when I’m airdrying it after a cleansing 🙂

      They are, they are, but I have been resisting! Sorta.

  2. Bathtime for Dinos slayed me. I sent some links to the products to one of my best friends who loves dinosaurs like Kristen Bell loves sloths.


    • AHHH if you go to the real site for too cool for school, their “shop” has even more dino goodies. Sadly, they don’t ship online orders, so the shop’s a bit of a lie, isn’t it? LOL did she cry?

      PEARL BAY INVASION~ Wiji got the other shade 🙂

      P.S. Someone in the comments said that they were opening a branch in MOA soon. o_o

  3. Tasha says

    I’m guessing you used registered airmail as your shipping method. Did you have to pick this up at the post office? Did you pay for anything? Thanks!

    • Yup! Well, generally they tax you depending on the amt. you spend. I spent around $50 and I just paid Php 50 to pick up the package from the post office. Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Stephie says

    I love Too Cool for School! I got a primer, toner, solid perfume, and face masks in Korea. 🙂 I love the Rules of Pore line 🙂

    • So cuuuuute. The dinos! 😦 The site has tons more Dino stuff. I wish I could get them. I found on eBay but super mahal compared to this awesome Korean site. Haha.

  5. Recently bought stuff from them from their recently-opened store at moa. They’re generous at giving samples. They gave me a mini-box of more than 5 different samples… Not sure if they’re overpriced here though… Hope to read your take on their products soon.

    • What did you get? I can’t wait to go visit and get some of the colored makeup. However, I don’t think I need any more. LOL. Hope to read your reviews 🙂

      • Bought their grapefruit nail polish remover, the beauty blender dupe, and the dinoplatz highlighter. Wasn’t able to explore much of their makeup coz we were hoping to catch iron man3.

        Oh and I don’t know, the lighting of the store seems too dim and yellow for me that I couldn’t appreciate the colors. Probably the dimmest makeup store I’ve been in.

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