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Back from Japan: Some Photos + My Beauty Loot

Hello everyone, I’m back from my trip! It was, truthfully, too short a trip and I wish I could have stayed longer because Japan is a beautiful country. 🙂 We visited two cities—Osaka and Kyoto—which are about thirty minutes and ¥430 (or about $5) away from each other.


This is Doutonbori Street (the English spelling varies), which is filled with food and large recreations of food that hang outside shop windows. On the left part of this picture, you can kind of see a row of gyoza (dumplings), and a large puffer fish that looks like a blimp. This is especially fun to walk around in at night because it’s so busy and alive. Also, Japanese food is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world!


Lorita, a Taiwanese tourist on a solo trip, in a kimono, setting up her tripod to take photos with the sakura or cherry blossom tree. This is a nice one, in Kyoto, because the branches were low, so you can be surrounded by beautiful little blossoms. 🙂


This is a part of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, known for its 32,000 torii (bird perch), which signals the transition of the place from a profane one to a sacred one. Torii signal a Shinto shrine (as opposed to Buddhist) and, I believe, they mark the passageway of spirits.

The kitsune or fox is regarded as a messenger. I can’t read Japanese, but on the back of these fox heads are writings that I think might be prayers to Inari, the god of fertility and worldly success or wealth.


And here is my Japanese makeup loot, minus the stuff I got for my sister and mom. Up until the airport, I had only purchased Japanese brands, but I caved when I saw the eyeshadow quad from Chanel’s Les Delices collection in Duty Free. Their drugstore brands are excellent, but as you can see, I kind of went crazy at the Addiction counter.

Addiction was set up by Ayako, a makeup artist who trained under François Nars and worked with NARS Cosmetics, in 2009. She is “fond of color and texture that can produce a dramatic look with just one stroke.” I visited an Addiction counter three times and was just hooked in the brand. Obviously. Her beauty philosophy is pretty apparent in the products she creates.

That’s it for now! I had a grand time looking around and absorbing everything. Going to Japan is the best kind of getting lost there is.


  1. Beautiful photos! I’m so jealous – Japan isn’t really on my country to visit (IKR) but ahh now I want to go there so badly! Can’t wait to read your reviews on the products x 🙂

    • Thank you! It wasn’t high up on my list either, but now I am in love with the country. 🙂 Thanks, I have a few of the drugstore ones up now!

    • You should try 🙂 Many people think it’s too expensive, but if you don’t really shop, it’s quite an affordable place to visit. They have a lot of hostels and their public transportation is easy to use. 🙂 We also ate in a lot of hole-in-the-wall random Japanese restaurants and full dishes can cost ¥300-¥680, which is about Php 150-Php300 only.

      • But but how much is airfare? D: How much money should one prepare, do you think, for a trip like this? 🙂

  2. materialdetox says

    Ahhh I just got back a week ago from the same area! It was such a lovely time to go ❤ I miss it already!

      • materialdetox says

        true! It’s definitely an expensive place to travel to!

  3. safetyschools says

    Moar please, can’t wait to read the detailed reviews!

    P.S. Nasa list ko rin Fairydrops, K Palette, and the Shu Lash Curler. AND SUQQU BUT IDK. Can’t wait to check out Addiction!

    • I’ll try to get them out before you leave! 🙂

      P.S. Natatakot ako gamitin Fairy Drops haha but I will try it today. Suqqu is amazinggg talaga, but for srs. Addiction is A+++ Medyo sad ako di ako nag-hoard. Haha

    • Thank you! 🙂 I think it’s definitely worth the trip, though that’s easier to say for me since I live so close. Still, though, it is now one of my favorite countries in Asia. 🙂

  4. Carinz! So excited for the ADDICTION reviews. NARS-inspired nga, kitang kita sa packaging palang. Never heard of this brand before so my curiosity is knocking on your door! Haha. Glad you enjoyed Japan!! I want to visit soon din, Kyoto is on the top of my list!

    • Kyoto is awesome and very picturesque! Osaka is more of a city, but still quieter than Tokyo (or so I imagine). 🙂 You should go one of these days! Very nice to visit during the time I went, though, since the cherry blossoms are in bloom. I am working on the reviews, but I love everything that I got so far. 🙂

  5. bohocadence says

    Nice photos! I want to go to Japan too, and i can`t wait for reviews of your new products 🙂

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