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Put a spring in your step with Chanel Ombres Fleuries in Délicatesse

Chanel - Les Delices 2013 - Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette - Ombres Fleuries Délicatesse - Pans

I’ve been eyeing this palette for a while now, ever since I saw it in the promotional shot. I kept saying “I don’t need another quad, I don’t need another quad,” but as you know I have terribly low EQ. I was actually doing pretty well. I crossed it off my to-buy list, and saw it in Rustan’s one day and swatched it and loved it but stayed away.

And then—a relapse at the Kansai airport in Osaka.

This quad magically appeared into my shopping cart when I was buying perfume for my sister. I didn’t touch it for a week, suffered from buyer’s remorse, or more like guilt, I guess. But then I tried it on my eyes, and poof! Guilt gone.

This is an amazing quad if you’re planning on looking pretty, and soft, and feminine in the springtime. I’ve been gearing my posts toward more summer-y content because I live in a sauna for a country, but Chanel really hit the nail on the head when it released Délicatesse for Spring.

Chanel - Les Delices 2013 - Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette - Ombres Fleuries Délicatesse - Case

Délicatesse is from what I believe is an Asia-exclusive collection, Les Délices de Chanel/Le Blanc. I’m not sure (lol so responsible~) but I think it is limited edition as well.

I don’t actually have a ton of Chanel products (just too much lipstick), but this came in a minimalist black plastic compact and velvet-y pouch, like the blush I got from the Spring 2013 collection, Frivole. It also comes with two tiny, tiny sponge-tip applicators, but the real fun part is the colors.

Chanel - Les Delices 2013 - Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette - Ombres Fleuries Délicatesse - Flower Detail

Looking at this palette, I don’t know what really drew me to it, because these aren’t colors I would normally wear together. Just kidding, I know exactly what drew me to the palette. Look at that gorgeous camellia print. UM. Yes please?

I don’t think I was entirely convinced that I wanted this, which is why it took me so long to get, but actually trying it on on myself made me love it THIIIIIIIIIIIIS much.

Chanel - Les Delices 2013 - Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette - Ombres Fleuries Délicatesse - Swatches

Going through the colors, one by one, there is what appears to be a straight up shimmery white. But don’t be fooled, fools, for it is actually a duochrome-y golden green! Quite similar to the shadow I was in love with in me bareMinerals READY duo called The Scenic Route (swatches here), though this is, to my eyes, more green than white and a bit cooler.

There is also a light, shimmery grey-green, a pale shimmery pink, and a midtone plum color with a smattering of shimmer. As you can see from the swatches, they are decently pigmented, though not overly so. The purple translates particularly lighter than the pan would have you believe, but they do tie up quite nicely when applied on the eyes.

A soft, girly look when you want to look airy-fairy. I think, anyway. The awesome part about this is that you can combine any of these colors together, and it would make a good look. Green & pink? NICE. Green & purple? NICE. Purple & pink? NICE. White-green duochrome & green? NICE. The awesome list just goes awesomely on.

It is a little steep, in my opinion, for a quad but I don’t think I own anything right now as deliciously girly or unapologetically feminine as this Délicatesse. Not everyone will like it—wasn’t really sure I could wear it, but I can—but if this sounds like something you’re looking for, I would recommend it, because it’s fantastic.

I bought this for ¥6,300, and it’s a bit more expensive than how much Chanel quads retail for ($59). I’m not actually sure if they will be sold in the US, but this baby is up on eBay currently, but at a very high price. Usually, they are sold between $89-$100+ and that is not cool.

But, it’s your money, so I guess it’s up to you how you’d like to spend it. I personally don’t think I’d drop $100 for this because the pans are so small, but if you’re a collector or a lover of soft, pretty colors, $65 for an LE palette seems to be worth the purchase.

I purchased this prior to declaring my personal cruelty-free pledge. Read all about that here.


  1. I really like how you descrbed the colours. I love the small flower imprints as well, this palette looks like a great choice for summer and the colour combo is perfect. I especially like the minty green >.<

    • Thanks, Claire! 🙂 Isn’t it so hard to say no to? LOL. Do you live in the US? I think they’re bringing that collection in sometime this month!

  2. Wait a minute: is that the same formula as Topkapi or Harmonie du Soir? I have Harmonie du Soir and I love the texture to bits. These shades look silky smooth as well! You’re right about the quad being unapologetically feminine. It has a delicate air about it!

    • I have no idea, as I don’t own the previous two, though I’d been eyeing them for a while. Can’t believe I had much better luck resisting back then, lol.

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