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Quickie: Wing It with the MAC 266

MAC 266

When I asked Laura for help picking out MAC items, she remarked that since I seemed to be having trouble applying liner (I was), I should take a look at the MAC 266 brush, a very small, stiff angled brush. She recommended that I use a dark eyeshadow (e.g. MAC Carbon) and push the color into my lashline.

I’m a little better at eyeshadow now, but this remains an astonishing little tool that I’m glad I ended up getting.

NARS Duo - Paramaribo - Eyes

I used it to apply my KATE Gel Liner for my NARS Paramaribo review. I cleaned the brush right away, since I hate it when gel liner sits on brush bristles. I’m sure the brushes hate it, too. The line is awesome, and I get a lot of control with it.

I’ve sworn by the Marionnaud N°37, which is basically the same thing, only with a little spoolie on the other end. They’re the same brush, in theory, because they are both stiff, angled brushes for the eyes. I use the N°37 all the time for example, to fill in my eyebrows.

MAC 266 Marionnaud 37

Take note at how much skinnier the 266 is, though. I get a much more precise line with it than the N°37, but the latter is perfect for its purpose.

The 266 is definitely one of my favorite brushes, currently. I feel like an eyeliner master now. 🙂

MAC does not test on animals except when required by law.


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