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MAC Starter Kit (Colors & Tools) by Laura

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I hauled a major haul from MAC a few months ago, with the help of my friend from Canada-land, Laura. One of the reasons why it took me this long to accumulate MAC items is because I would get so overwhelmed at the counters.

Another reason is because the MAC salespeople are tres unfriendly. Heh, just kidding. Kind of.

Anyway! Kind, beautiful Laura suggested some colors for me to try. I asked her if it would be okay to post her suggestions on here and she said it was OK. I’ll mark the stuff I ended up getting with an asterisk (*). Double asterisks (**) means my sister got them. 🙂

Here we go!

Eyeshadow: “You seem to really like neutral colours, so I would highly recommend you check out: Satin Taupe*, Twinks, Shale, Cork*, Blackberry, and Woodwinked for some deeper neutrals.

MAC Eyeshadows 1

For lighter neutrals I recommend checking out Bamboo, Yogurt, Malt*, and Blanc Type. Blanc Type is especially creamy (it’s a Matte2) and amazing for blending.

MAC Eyeshadows 2

Some really lovely highlight colours are Shroom, Phloof!, and Naked Lunch*. Actually, Naked Lunch is often used all over the lid. It’s so pretty!

MAC Eyeshadows 3

For some awesome crease colours (aside from the dark neutrals mentioned at the beginning) check out Sketch*, Nehru, Handwritten*, Contrast, Scene, and Antiqued. All these crease colours can also be used to achieve a smokey eye too if you just put them on your lid and blend out with a clean 217 brush.

MAC Eyeshadows 4

Some really gorgeous, more daring eyeshadow colours to check out are Mythology*, Coppering, Da Bling*, Parfait Amour, Fig. 1*, and Humid.”

MAC Eyeshadows 5 copy

I ended up purchasing Quarry, Soba, All That Glitters, Sable, Mystery, and Smut. My sister got Soft Brown.

MAC Eyeshadows 6

Eye Makeup Tips: “You seem, from what I’ve read, to have trouble with liner. One of my favourite ways to line (because it’s so darn easy and forgivable!) is with eyeshadows, using an angle brush. The 266* is great for this.

Using Carbon, which is MAC’s blackest black looks superb, It creates really soft definition for your eyes. You can also line using any eyeshadow colour too.

Sketch is my second favourite to use. Honestly, Sketch is just an all around incredible colour. It’s a deep plum with a little bit of shimmer and it looks good used every way (all over, in the crease, as liner, even in the brows!).”

Lips: “Lipsticks are more difficult to suggest, but some staples are Rebel (I already purchased this for my sister), Diva, Media** for bold deep lip colours. Ruby Woo, Viva Glam I, Russian Red** for a classic red.

MAC Lipsticks 1

Twig*, Mehr*, Cosmo**, Faux for softer everyday wear. Velvet Teddy, Cherish, Creme d’Nude**, Pure Zen for nudes.

MAC Lipsticks2

Girl About Town, Impassioned*, Up the Amp, Candy Yum-Yum for hot pinks. Vegas Volt, Ravishing*, Costa Chic for corals.

MAC Lipsticks 3

Those are some of my favourites/what I think might look good on you. I’ve also been really into Viva Glam III lately, which is a deep but neutral browny-red.”

I also ended up getting Plumful.

MAC Lipsticks 4

Lip Tips: “MAC’s Lip Prep + Prime is also great for wearing under lipsticks, especially the matte finishes. Liners aren’t really necessary unless you really want a structured look.”

Prep and Prime

Brushes: The 217, 239*, 266*, 168 are among some of my favourite brushes. I know you have a 217…but I’m not sure what your other MAC brush is. Be sure to check the ones you don’t have out!”

I also ended up getting a 211. Not gonna lie, I regret not getting the 168 and another 217.

MAC Brushes

Other than these, I got myself a double palette with a blush and eyeshadow insert, since I got the eyeshadows and blushes as refill pans. I also got a paint pot (Bare Study), two kohls (Teddy & Prunella), and three blushes (Ambering Rose, Springsheen, Plumfoolery).

MAC Misc

Hope this helped you out! Extremely thankful to Laura for helping me out. 🙂 Leave a comment below if it did, so Laura can see how possibly far-reaching the help from her email to me could be. let me know what your favorite MAC colors are, too.

Have a great day! 🙂


  1. Such a wonderful post! Ah, I’m so jealous of your MAC collection! I only own a few eyeshadows from MAC because it seemed silly to keep buying from them when

    You may want to try out Mulch, it’s one of the browns I use frequently. Cranberry is another colour that I haven’t found a dupe for, it’s a PRO shade. I think you’ll really like it. =) Dazzlelight is also the highlighter I always reach for, it’s less shimmery than the more popular Nylon, so I find it easier to use.

    • Thanks Nat! 🙂 I think I have 17 in total and most of them were refill pans, so it was easier on the pocket.

      I really want to try out Mulch; I think Cranberry may be a little “edgy” for me, lol. I really like Sketch. Is it similar, do you think? What finish is Dazzlelight?

      • Is Sketch similar to Mulch? I’ve never tried Sketch myself, but looking at photos online, I’d say Sketch is darker, with a matte finish while Mulch has a satin finish and is a lighter brown with golden tones. I would think Mulch is a little easier to use on a wider variety of skin tones cos it looks great (not too dark) as an all over the lid colour even for myself.

        Cranbery isn’t that edgy, serious! It’s surprisingly useable.

        Dazzlelight is a veluxe pearl finish, so it’s not as frosty as a well, frost finish, but still has this beautiful glow. I love using it as a highlight on the brow bone and the inner corners of the eye, it really does give that glowing look that I thought was only achieved through lots of photoshop. (I used it on a Malay girl with NC40 or 45 skin for a photoshoot once, she looked incredible.)

      • Sketch is a velvet, I think, though I do get what you mean. Haha we don’t get pro colours here, I don’t think. I’ll try to get Cranberry eventually. 🙂

        Oooh, I usually just use a highlighter, but it sounds super pretty!

  2. Elaine says

    Wow! Thank you for this Carina. I’ve been meaning to get on my MAC haul but like you, I get so overwhelmed. I want to buy everything. At least after reading this post I have a steadier footing on which items to buy first. Thank you! ❤

    • Aw, I’m glad it helped! 🙂 It certainly helped me out, but then I wanted to get everything and had to restrain myself! Hahaha

  3. Elika says

    haha i agree with you that their sales people here are really “not so friendly” but i think they’ve improved na 🙂
    anyway, i love this post, thank you! i just hope i also have a friend somewhere to give me such favor considering MAC’s products are also cheaper out there 🙂

    It’s a gloomy Wednesday, Cheers everyone!

    • I’m sure they got a lot of complaints. Pinoys are so touchy pa naman about masungit people.

      Aw, no problem! It was all Laura. 🙂 I’m sure you can get a good deal somewhere online! I want to try ordering from their website one of these days.

  4. I too get lost at MAC counters. And while (perhaps, maybe??) not all MAC assistants are unfriendly, most of them at least look that way. Also, when I try to go with intention of checking some specific shades I heard of online, I find it really hard to actually find them. All the names are at the bottom of the products displayed, so I have to be picking them up one by one and turning them around, like an idiot. And no, I will not ask to show me specific products, because they’ll assume I want to buy them asap.

    • Yup, I’m sure they are lovely people! Just unfriendly, LOL. The only person “I know” who works at MAC is a fricken sweetheart, and she’s actually the one who put this together for me. 🙂

      HAHA I know what you mean. That’s what happens to me with eyeshadows… “Sumptuous Olive? Nooooope.” and then I have dirty pawsss for the whole afternoon.

  5. Perfect flattering shades 😀 I love that you put a few colorful ones in there too. Cause sometimes you just need some color!!

    • Mm-hmm! It was very thoughtful, and I actually ended up getting a lot of shades that I didn’t think I would. 🙂

  6. Jennifer says

    Seriously, what is it about MAC salespeople? I’ve encountered so many that were unfriendly/standoffish. Regardless I still go back to their stores/counters, haha.

    Anyway, these are some lovely colors you posted! I actually use a number of the darker neutrals, and I love Shroom. It’s technically a highlight, but with my skin being so pale I use it as an all-over on my lids. :p

    • Weird, no? If I could shop online, I would. Laura is a makeup artist for MAC, and she is a sweetheart, though. So I don’t know why most of them are so unfriendly!

      Thanks 🙂 Which ones do you have? I’m kind of really wanting to try more of the other shades she recommended me, Shroom included! Is it cool-toned?

      • Jennifer says

        I currently have Satin Taupe, Blackberry, and Naked Lunch. I really like Blackberry’s color, although as it is a matte shadow I find it harder to coax out of the pot and onto a brush than its more powdery cousins. :/

        Re: Shroom – Gah, just realized I made a mistake. I’ve used Shroom before, but the color I had in mind in my previous comment was Brule. I like Brule much more than Shroom, as it doesn’t have shimmer (I don’t like shimmer, haha) and it’s more warm-toned. But yes, I do believe Shroom is cool-toned. At least, that’s what it seems, judging from pictures I’ve found online. 😛

      • I think you’d really like Handwritten! 🙂 It’s a Matte2, which means it’s creamier and more blendable.

        Ahhhh, I would love to try Brule, then!

  7. Orenji says

    Hi Carina!

    I know what you mean about MAC salespeople. I would pass a MAC counter once, twice, errrr, thrice debating on whether I should swatch a couple of products but deciding against it because the people there seem so unapproachable. *sniff* Which MAC counter here is the best (least mataray) for you? Hahaha.

    • Hi Orenji! The friendliest MAC people I’ve encountered are the ones in the new Eastwood mall, and the ones in Trinoma. I’ve had mixed experiences with the ones in Rustans Makati, and the ones in Shang were a little snooty. Just based from my experience. 🙂

    • Haha yeah, she is quite awesome. 🙂 I think some of the shades she recommended me are better than some of the shades I ended up getting, so she knew what she was talking about!

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