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Shiro Cosmetics Pre-Ban Haulage & Semi-Reviews

I was telling fairytalesandcoffee about the unfortunate way my shopping seems to creep up on me. Not long after I banned myself from buying any more makeup, it started raining makeup because all of the other items I ordered prior to shunning (new) makeup purchases from my life started arriving.

This haul from Shiro Cosmetics, which I luuuuv. Anyway, this is what I ended up getting. Read what I got during my first order here.

Shiro Cosmetics Haul

They come in three sizes, full-sized pots, mini pots, and sample baggies. The full-sized ones come with stickers at the top. I bought 4 (I forgot to photograph 1), they’re lined up on the first column: It’s Gonna Be MAY! (LOL), Nestyr, and TARDIS (!).

The mini pot I got is a pink shadow called Wildflowers, and it was from the Hunger Games Collection. The four little clam pots are lip products called Intertubes, L-R: Why Not Zoidberg?, Nyan Cat, Team Buffy, and Sad Keanu. I got four sample baggies, too.

Shiro May Nestyr Pots

It’s Gonna Be MAY! and Nestyr look a lot alike in the pot, but if you look closely, they are quite different.

It’s Gonna Be MAY!, Shiro’s color of the month for May, is less bright and more grey. It’s inspired by JT’s “ultra noodly hair” and is described as a “Steely grey-blue with very strong coppery duochrome and bright gold sparks!”

Nestyr is Shiro’s third anniversary color. It’s lighter with a greenish sheen. Shiro describes it as “Beautiful incandescent soft purple glowing with green, gold, and red duochrome. Fairly impossible to photograph but it’s srsly the prettiest thing in real life.”

Here, have some swatches:

Shiro Color of the Month - Swatches

L-R: It’s Gonna Be MAY!, Nestyr, TARDIS, Wildflowers

TARDIS is their November Color of the Month. It is “opaque, lightly shimmery royal blue with bright purple and green sparkles.”

If you think these are a riot, check out their Color of the Month page, where they are “spring cleaning,” so you have a short time to get them. I really want to get a few more… I mean, who doesn’t want an eyeshadow called “Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon” or “No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio” or “The Tears of Retail Employees,” which are “freshly harvested from local malls.” Seriously. Get on it.

I wish I could get some more. Alas, my Makeup No Buy and mountainous mineral makeup stash.

Wildflowers is part of their Tributes or Hunger Games Collection that I regretted not getting. It is “Soft golden pink with green and gold sparks.”

Here’s an unfocused picture to show you some of the sparks. I think the least special color is Wildflowers.

Shiro Color of the Month - Swatches Unfocused

The color I forgot to photograph was a full-sized pot of Lingered in Twilight, which was part of their collection for The Hobbit. It’s the second shadow from the right, which is a beautimous green!

Shiro - The Hobbit - Swatches

I forgot to include, these but here: Lingered in Twilight, and a mini jar of Attercop, Attercop.

Shiro - Lingered in Twilight, Attercop Attercop

Then, I decided to explore their range and get myself some Intertubes, which are basically their lip products. These are just some sample tiny-sized colors I wanted to try out.

Shiro Cosmetics - Intertubes

Shiro Intertubes - Swatches

Swatched, L-R: Why Not Zoidberg?, Nyan Cat, Team Buffy, and Sad Keanu

These are pretty sheer and are supposedly buildable but I could not really get them to show up on my lips in an intensely opaque manner.

Why Not Zoidberg was what I thought would be the perfect midtone pinky coral for me. Sadly, this “bright coral” is a very warm orange on my lips.

Nyan Cat is a “pink rose with gold shimmer,” which is pretty much what it looks like on me. The shimmer is not very visible.

Team Buffy is a “vampire plum/raisin.” I get it, I love it. It’s quite similar to NARS Vendanges.

Sad Keanu is “the type of purple that frightens little kids.” LOL. It’s just a very dark purple that is less scary than it sounds because you can just put on a sheer wash of color.

These are alright; they apply somewhat patchily and have a LOT of slip, so I cant really build it’s opacity without undoing all of the work I’d done previously. I’m not sure if I’ll get any more colors, but I’ll see how I get on with these first.

So, that’s that. That’s my kind of sad-ish haul. I am so not the practical type… though I think I used to be, at some point.

Anything you want to try from Shiro?


  1. Glad you got some stuff and reviewed it because I’ve been thinking about getting some stuff from that site. I was considering the “Why Not Zoidberg” (mostly for the name) but now I think I’ll skip it. I don’t think that’s a shade that would look good on me.
    OMG the TARDIS one is so pretty. I don’t wear blue eye shadow, but I might have to start (I tend to stick to purples because it brings out my eye color, haha).
    What did you think of the Victory Road shade? I was wondering about that… (and although idk how else they would do sample sizes, I’m kind sad to see they come in tiny bags. That seems potentially messy.)

    • Why Not Zoidberg looks really nice on other people (there are swatches of it online) which is why I mostly wanted to get it, but then I think it pulls orange on me because I am quite warm-toned. 🙂

      I love purple eyeshadow! 🙂 I’m trying to wear a bit more blue, though. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s really pretty, actually, and seems to be more satin-y than shimmery which a lot of the shades are. I haven’t OPENED it yet, though, for the same reason that you are sad about their baggie state. Haha. I’ll let you know once I know. 🙂

    • Aw, sorry Pat! If it’s any consolation, a) these last forever, and b) you can eliminate them if you’re not into mineral makeup. 🙂

      • Nah it’s okay. I like my wishlist system since it helps me avoid impulse buys. I’ll probably give in to the Shiro set later this year when I have funds again. 😛

      • They’re really reasonably-priced, too. And International shipping is a flat rate of $7.50, up until a certain amount, so if you have a friend who wants to try Shiro, too, you can split the cost. 🙂

  2. More Than Greens says

    I want to buy some Shiro products for the names alone!

    • Aren’t they awesome? Also, no shame in that. I do that a lot. Lucky for me, they end up being awesome products!

    • OH MY GOSH! Hahaha I hope you like them! I was really drawn to the other palette, Fairy’s Kiss I think is what it was called, but I’m being good and restraining myself. At least until my ban is lifted 😀

    • Haha it’s just a girl! 🙂 She has assistawnts but she mostly makes up everything! Sometimes she asks people on her Facebook page for COTM suggestions. 🙂

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