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Quickie: MAC Matte Lipstick in Mehr

Here’s a super duper quick review of the lipstick I’ve been loving the most recently, Mehr. It’s a matte rosy mauve color and it’s my go-to lipstick for when I’m not quite sure what to wear.

I hauled and swatched it previously, but I’ve never written up a proper review. Here’s what it looks like on the tube:

And swatched:

According to this website, “Mehr means promise, contract, and relationship between two or more people both in Sanskrit and Avestan languages. In modern Persian, Mehr also means love, friendship, reconciliation and promise. Upon such premises, and within the Iranian culture, Mehr is the antidote of lies and liars. You cannot expect a liar to keep her/his promises and whoever remains faithful to her/his promise has certainly chosen the path of rightfulness.”

It was originally released in the Mickey Contractor collection in 2011 as a limited edition shade. It was repromoted in 2012 and is now a permanent shade, if I’m not mistaken. Mehr is described as a “dirty blue pink.”

Here it is on my face:

MAC Mehr - FaceAnd, here it is on top of a layer of Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.

I rather enjoy the formula, never mind that it is a matte. Seeing a shine-free solid color glide onto my lips with ease is always such a small delight, and I’ve mentioned that before already.

As it is a matte, Mehr is quite long-wearing, which makes me love it all the more. If you’re looking for something like this color, I urge you to give Mehr a try. I truly enjoy having this as part of my collection, and I love having another option to just thoughtlessly grab when I can’t seem to think of a color to wear. 🙂

MAC Cosmetics does not test on animals except when required by law.


  1. Emae Santos says

    Hi Carina! Are these the lipsticks your sister bought from the US? If so, did she hand carry them or did she include them in her checked baggage? I’m concerned about my lipsticks since I’m going to travel soon.

    • Hi Emae, I don’t know what you mean about my sister. 🙂 What exactly are you concerned about re: your lipsticks? I just handcarry them.

      • Emae says

        Hi again! So your lipsticks never melted when you hand-carried them? 🙂

      • Nope, but it really depends on the lipstick. NYX Lipsticks tend to melt easily, as do some MAC ones. I never really had one melt on me.

  2. It looks very natural. 🙂 I agree – I like having natural lipsticks/glosses for days when I don’t want to put much thought into picking a color. Laziness for the win!

    • Agreed! What is your favorite lazy color? 🙂 I find that plum and rosy nudes are my go-to lazy colors.

  3. Looks almost neutral, especially on naturally dark lips. Do you buy your MAC lippies locally?

    • Right? I love this lippieeee. 🙂 I bought some of them here, but a bulk of them were sent over by my friend.

    • Woohoo! Haha I’m celebrating because it is a fricken awesome color. Congratulations! 😀

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