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Confessions of a Lip-Licker

I am a lip-licker.

I don’t mean to be one, it’s just a habit of mine. I think it mostly has to do with my need to get rid of any and all dry flakes on my lips when I encounter them. Lipstick formula and longevity is marginally important to me, because I tend to lick off lipstick anyway.

When I started this beauty blog, I tried to stop this habit to properly test the lipstick longevity, and also because I heard that ingesting lipstick is bad because of lead content and other icky ingredients.

Oscars - Face

The other problem with lipstick-licking is that my lipstick starts out immaculate and then wears off into a real stupid mess. Sometimes, there will be a lip liner ring where a slick of lipstick used to be. Other times, it’s a jungle of dry skin with lipstick koalas clung onto them.

When this happens—smushy ex-dry flakes with lipstick clingers in a sticky mess on my lips—I resort to licking my lips anyway. This does little to remedy the problem.

It’s an ordeal, but I don’t like reapplying lipstick either. I find it kind of gross, especially after I’ve eaten. I’m a little less anal about it now, and a wipe of the lips before reapplication will do, but there is still a niggling feeling at the back of my mind that my lipstick bullet has been sullied and dirtied. This is why I don’t like testing lipstick on my lips either, and is a large part of why I stayed far far away from lip gloss.

Think a lipstick bullet after eating is gross? Imagine a doe-foot applicator!

Anyway, that’s my big problem with lip products. I pick one and it’s gone by half the day. I’m a little better at reapplication and I can ignore the ick factor most of the time, but I’m still working at liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.

How about you? Are you as weird as me? :p


  1. I’m super lazy with re-applying, which is why I like it when lipsticks stain hahaha. So lazy.

  2. You know that licking your lips when they’re dry will only make it worse, right? 🙂

    I have another weird thing with lipsticks! I cannot eat or drink when I have lipstick on. The idea that bread crumbs could be sticking to it or that it’s wearing off in a funny way and I can’t see it… ugh! In that sense I do prefer glosses, because it’s easier to lick them off completely 😀 And because I always eat with bare lips, the subject of touch-ups never comes up. I either just go about as is or I apply it all over again on clean lips.

    I swatch lipsticks in stores on my lips now, especially if they’re expensive. I can’t risk a wrong purchase. BUT! I make sure to rub the bullet with a tissue first to remove a good layer of product and I wipe it off my lips as soon as I checked it in the mirror.

    • Yes I do know but it’s a compulsion. D:

      I get it, I mostly wipe the lipstick off before REALLY getting into a meal, lol. How do you clean lips after a meal?i usually don’t bother with reapplication after eating, actually.

  3. My lip habits are quite dependent on the conditions my lips are in, haha. I usually will refrain from touching them if they’re nice and moisturised, but I would start peeling them or biting them if they’re peeling or cracking.

    • Lol, same here, actually. Although sometimes I can’t help but lick my lips etc when they are incredibly smooth. Mostly done in disbelief, lol.

  4. I lick my lips all the time, too! But it’s only reserved in the wintertime when they get dry, red and cracked. And THEN I lick them. I can’t stop!

  5. Ugh, I hate reapplying. But I also hate it when they end up looking clumpy or cakey after a few hours. How I wish there were lipsticks that would really last ’til the end of the day.

  6. Elika says

    I’m not a lip licker.. a “liner wiper” maybe?haha I like touching my lashes whenever I’ve applied mascara on it, then after that I would always “unconsciously” wipe my eye lid, that’s the time I would realize that I’ve also applied liquid liner when I saw a faint black line on my finger… so messy… :-/

    • Oh no! I find eye makeup so hard to clean up. D: when its a clumpy/wet/soft mascara formula, I tend to “scrape off” the mascara off my eyes, like a bad habit haha

  7. chelsea says

    same problem! my lips are hella dry to start with and this nasty habit just aggravates it. it’s one of the reasons why lipsticks aren’t a part of my daily makeup routine.

    • What do you use instead? Haha I find them to be a bit high maintenance, in general, but SOMETIMES, I don’t mind the extra “work.” 🙂

  8. i’m so so lazy, i never reapply lol. unless it like moisturizes and i don’t have lip balm lmao. I have such a hard time wearing lipsticks and eating/drinking. I HATE looking at lipstick on cups, napkins. which is weird cause i don’t mind seeing other people’s cups with lip marks on them. Also, I have this horrible habit of peeling/picking at my lips if they are flaky, since i totally hate that flaky feeling too. It is kinda gross, and I’m trying to kick the habit haha but i can’t stand that feeling on my lips!

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