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Drugstore Finds: Maybelline Color Whispers

Maybelline Color Whispers - Mocha Muse, Lust for Blush, Petal Pusher

I was going to put these Maybelline Color Whispers as an “overhyped product,” but I realized that I really liked them. I just felt guilty because these were the first non-CF items I got after I made my cruelty-free pledge. Though I didn’t commit to completely eliminated non-CF products, I still said I would try to minimize my consumption of animal tested products.

So these felt like a failure. But they are good products, so I can’t, in good conscience, put them in the “overhyped products” post, out of guilt. Anyway, I got three colors: Mocha Muse, Lust for Blush, Petal Pusher. The one I really wanted but couldn’t get a hold of was Coral Ambition, I think.

Maybelline Color Whispers - Mocha Muse, Lust for Blush, Petal Pusher - Swatches

These were really hard to get photos of, because they were so glossy-shiny. L-R: Mocha Muse, Lust for Blush, Petal Pusher.

They are also incredibly sheer and somewhat milky-looking. It’s a similar effect to some of the Korres Lip Butters, Jasmine in particular. I’m not sure if these are marketed as an alternative to those, but they sure have been compared to them.

Maybelline Color Whispers Faces

L-R: Petal Pusher, Lust for Blush, Mocha Muse

These are pretty good alternatives to the Revlon Lip Butters, if you just want a change or you don’t really like those. I don’t like either packaging, this one has a candy-sweet scent, and they are a bit sheerer than most lip products. I find that I quite like them and if they were cruelty-free, I would definitely get some more.

As it is, they are not CF, so I don’t plan on purchasing any more of them, though they are rather pretty and great for effortless, everyday use.

Maybelline is not cruelty-free. I bought these from Bon Marche as they are not available in the Philippines.


  1. You do look very pretty in them, though. =) The scent may just put me off the product. I didn’t think lipstick scents were a big deal until I bought my Maybelline Vivids. They smell like crayons and plastic. D=

    • Thanks 🙂 the smell of these are nothing like plastic and crayons! Quite pleasant, really. And definitely not cloying!

  2. I can’t bring myself to buy Maybelline. Or any other L’Oreal subbrands. I’ve grown to despise that group so much, I just can’t. And it’s no picnic, because it’s so difficult to avoid giving money to L’Oreal these days, they own nearly everything drugstore and half of high end brands. I think it’s because L’Oreal is so loud with their “innovative” ingredients, it makes me think straight away: “New miracle ingredients that don’t do nothing beneficial, but need to pass safety control in order to at least not be harmful. Well, they must be testing 1000 of them right this minute.” It makes me sick to my stomach.

    It’s mostly anti-aging skin care products though that’s the main cause behind animal-testing. I don’t think they bother updating makeup ingredients anymore, it’s just mixing-matching same old stuff.

    If I could bring myself to buy these lispticks, I’m sure I’d love them too! Same with the Color Tattoo eyeshadows and Maybelline mascaras get good reviews too. Oh well…

    • Shit, seriously? Didn’t know anti-aging was the culprit. How frakking sad. It pisses me off that other brands seem to still innovate and create without having to utilize animal testing. L’Oreal is such a big company, it shouldn’t have to scrimp on finding alternatives to it.

  3. I have Mocha Muse and Lust for Blush too. I like to use Mocha Muse as a daily lipstick as it’s perfect for when I want to

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