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Quickie: MAC Lipstick in Ravishing

MAC Haul - Lipsticks

Described as a “clean light peachy coral,” Ravishing is a color that I wanted to love but didn’t. I mean, I like it, but it pulls a little bit more orange on me than on some other people. Probably because of my skin tone, but who really knows?

Eye of Horus Mascara - Full Face Ravishing is a creamsheen lipstick, which means that it is very creamy and goes on quite glossy-shiny. It should be said that creamsheens are NOT my favorite lipsticks. I can’t stand how they apply. It feels quite heavy (for me) and I find that it clings to dry patches.

When the lipstick “sets” and dries down after a few hours, it’s just an unpleasant overall feeling of tackiness and accumulated soaked dry flakes. LOL it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be, but like I said: not my favorite finish.

MAC - Ravishing - Swatch

This swatch is closer to what I hoped Ravishing would be on my lips. I think I was looking for a slightly less pink Betty Bright, which is a color I prefer but is unfortunately limited edition.

Here’s another way I like wearing this lipstick! In this image, I am wearing Ravishing topped with a Le Métier de Beauté Lip Crème in Fraise Crème, which is a sort of pinky-red with golden shimmers.

Truthfully, I like the color enough, but I really can’t stand the finish. I guess it’s my fault for not moisturizing my lips before applying, heh. I think that’s probably going to improve my overall experience of it.

MAC Cosmetics does not test on animals except when required by law.


  1. I can’t stand the creamsheen finish, either. I own one creamsheen lipstick (bought before I ever thought to check the finishes and went on colour only) and I know for a fact I won’t buy another.

    • Which shade? Lol I hate it so much, I just know that swiping it on before even doing the deed that its going to be unpleasant and icky. Always right! Heh. Glad you think so, too. I always thought I was the only creamsheen hater.

      • I have Fanfare. It was also a really different shade choice for me, which doesn’t help me reach for it. I’m not fond of the frost finish either. My favourite finishes are by far the lustres.

      • I like the Lustres too 😀 next would be the mattes, then the Satins. 🙂 funny, Fanfare looks like a very “me” color 🙂

  2. I’m surprised you don’t like Ravishing – it really suits you! I have Impassioned and I love it, especially for the summer!

    • Aw, that’s very sweet. 🙂 I have Impassioned, too! Predictably, I don’t quite know how to wear it just yet.

  3. It’s so weird how you don’t like how it looks–because it suits you so well! Cremesheen is actually my favorite MAC finish. Mostly because my favorite everyday wear comes from this line: Modesty.

    • Thank you so much. 🙂 haven’t seen much of modesty around. I like mattes and Lustres, then Satins!

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