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Quickie: ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Stick in Tea Rose

Addiction Cheek Stick - Tea Rose

Here’s a quick review on one of the ADDICTION Cheek Sticks I got recently, Tea Rose. Sorry this isn’t the best picture, but I mistakenly thought it was clear and then used it. Tea Rose is . For a more in-depth review on the Cheek Sticks, click here to read my review on the shade Revenge.

Addiction Cheek Stick - Tea Rose - FaceTea Rose is a pretty, muted soft brown with a slight pinky undertone. I froze when I opened the tube, assuming that it would be too light for my face. It turns out, it’s rather pretty! It’s the similar feeling I got when I got Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed.

I brought Tea Rose on vacation and wore it for eight days straight without feeling like I was missing out on blush action.

Again, it’s awesome on the cheeks, not that great on the lips and I haven’t tried it on my eyes, but I can imagine it being great for that, too. It adds the perfect amount of warmth and a slight, subtle contour on the face, and it’s my new favorite fuss-free cheek product!

I don’t know what Addiction’s stand on animal testing is, but its parent company, Kosé, tests on animals.


  1. cheetahprincess says

    I saw you mentioned the tarte amazonian line.. I was thinking about trying it. Do you recommend it?

    • Absolutely recommend the blushes and the matte bronzer. Can’t speak for anything else in the range as those are the only ones I’ve tried so far!

  2. A cheek tint that totally looks like a lipstick! I’m pretty sure I would have applied that on my lips had I not seen the “cheek stick” in the title. It looks great and doesn’t appear too over the top. Very good for everyday use, I’d say.

  3. My eye kept editing out cheek the whole time I was reading and thought it was lipstick! Probably because I have a lipastick from NYX called Tea Rose. They have the same pretty browny-pink color.

  4. a beautiful soft colour! I don’t like the cheek sticks on my lips that much as well, only mixed with lip balm or so but they set nice on the skin/face 🙂 xxx

    • The lipstick is actually a plum one by Lavshuca 🙂 thank you, it is from a quad by bareMinerals called The Happy Place. 🙂

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