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Quickie: Hakuhodo H601 Powder Brush

Hakuhodo H610

The Hakuhodo H601 Powder Brush is one of my all-time favorite brushes. It’s a retractable brush that is intensely soft and fluffy. Whenever I wash brushes, this is one of those that take the longest to dry, because it’s so dense. The hairs are black and made from goat’s hair, I believe.

I got the H601 in Japan, and it cost about $30 in Japanese yen. It was the only Hakuhodo brush on my list that I was able to get, since they don’t have the full range at the Osaka counter. I use this brush for most of my powder products for the face, so I feel like it’s such a great deal.

I’ve used this for a pressed powder, a loose powder, setting powders, finishing powders, et al. and it has worked great every time. This is also an awesome blush brush, because it picks up and deposits just the right amount of pigment. The fact that it retracts makes the “head” of bristles smaller or bigger, catering to your needs. Big and fluffy or small and dense? You decide!

Hakuhodo H610 - Small

It’s hard to believe that such a great brush fits in such a tiny little package. When fully retracted and closed, the brush can fit in my palm.

I wish I could get more Hakuhodo brushes; they are such great quality. Maybe the next time I go to the States or if I ever get a chance to visit Tokyo.


    • Lol I want the MAC 217 dupe! And a couple others. Do you follow Sweet Makeup Temptations on WP? She is Japanese brush kween!

  1. I love Hakuhodo! And I think they have some very good deals too, especially for the high quality products! I like a lot of my Haku brushes xxx

      • If I could remeber the names, err, numbers I would tell you just now! I am going to do a post about my top three or five haku brushes (the numbers are driving me crazy) x

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