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Drugstore Finds: Maybelline The Hypercurl Mascara*

Maybelline - The Hypecurl - Tube

Allow me to channel LSP here: “OH. MY. GLOB.”

This may sound a little excessive, but holy crap. You have no idea how stubborn my lashes are. They look alright in person. If you were really, really, really, really close to my face. I mean, sure.

But they do not hold a curl and no amount of mascara would make much of a difference, especially when my lashes go from “barely there” to “clumpy mess” in a matter of seconds. But this, my friends. This is a pretty great thing right here.

Maybelline - The Hypecurl - Wand

The wand is similar to The Falsies, which is another Maybelline mascara that I like. It has a sort of curved shape, a design that is supposed to allow you to apply mascara easier since it “fits” your lashes’ natural shape.

Are you ready for the results?

Maybelline - Hypercurl - Face

LOOK AT THOSE LASHES! Oooh. Aaah. I really can’t believe it. That’s probably nothing to get excited about for you, but for me it is akin to a miracle! Another great thing about it? (What? There’s more?!) It’s waterproof and easy to take off. I think this mascara needs a prize!

I think I have found a new favorite mascara. Unfortunately, it is not cruelty-free, so I will not be repurchasing it. But I will savor the moment~ and let it live out its three-month existence in bliss. Le sigh. I really felt a connection there.

* I received this item in a box that I was sent, but I am not compensated for or required to write a review. Maybelline is not cruelty-free.


  1. Yeah that’s what I thought too. I’m all for making this my HG mascara, but was sad to discover that they aren’t CF. Oh well. Back to the search!

    • Yup, most of the drugstore brands here are not CF so I’ll be looking at mascaras from essence, wet n wild, and flormar after my ban.

  2. The one I got is kinda dry so I plan to just give it away. Same with the Revlon Kajal. Maybe they are old stocks. Too bad that I get those from the BDJBox.

    • Really? Maybe the formula is just drier than what you are used to. Did yours come in sealed, too? I haven’t tested out the Revlon pencil I got, though.

      • I guess it is drier than Covergirl’s (sorry, not cruelty-free) but I love it. 🙂

  3. My lashes are straight and stubborn too and I love curling mascaras the most. When you run out, try Essence Get BIG! Lashes volume curl. It’s my favorite mascara at the moment 🙂

    Hey, why only 3 months? I know you’re not supposed to use them for more than 6, but I go by the smell and mine usually last almost a year.

    • Thanks, I’ll give that a shot! 😀 I usually toss after 3, but will sometimes stretch it until 6 or so!

  4. Risk of eye infection blah blah according to make up gurus. They recommend tossing mascaras after three months. 🙂

  5. I toss my mascara after three months 😀 I think those Maybelline mascaras are quite nice (I currently have the rocket one), still, I love my YSL mascara 😉

    • I haven’t tried YSL’s since we don’t carry their cosmetics here! I’ve heard good things about it, though. Am trying out a mascara from LMdb, and it is beautiful!

  6. I have full lashes but they are stubborn too! the only mascaras that work for me are the Falsies, and Majolica Majorca’s so I’m curious about this one, will give it a try!

    • I tried that our and it was pretty but then I clumped it. 😦 However! I tried lash king over an LMdB mascara and it was <333

  7. Hello Carina!
    It’s a pleasure to find your blog 🙂
    I love my Maybelline mascara too! I don’t have this version but I am sure this one will work on me very well. It’s my trusted brand for drugstore mascara.

    • Thank you so much for the comment. 🙂 I love Maybelline mascaras as well. They’ve worked pretty well for me, in general.

  8. I’m currently loving The Falsies and I love the wand it comes with which as you noted, is similar to this. Maybe I’ll give this a try when it’s time to toss my current mascara.

    • I really liked The Falsies, but I think I like this a bit more, so definitely worth checking out!

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