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Make That Face Monday: One-Shadow Smoky Eye Using LMdB Alexandrite

Le Metier de Beaute - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the first and only eyeshadow single from Le Métier de Beauté that I ever bought, and for the longest time, I wished that I had gotten a more sensible color, like the often celebrated Corinthian. I bought it during my “purple shadow phase,” which I am not completely out of but am moving slowly away from.

Recently, however, I realized that I can actually use Alexandrite, a pretty red-toned violet with a bit of a golden sheen (as far as I can tell), for a one-shadow smoky eye. But more on that later.

Le Metier de Beaute - Alexandrite - Swatch

As for Alexandrite, it has a wonderful, smooth texture that is also apparent upon application. It’s not incredibly pigmented on the first layer, but it’s very easy to work with and it’s a dream to layer and blend.

Le Metier de Beaute - Alexandrite - Top

The Le Métier de Beauté single eyeshadows come housed in a rubberized circular compact, with a texture that’s more similar to the NARS compacts than the LMdB Kaleidoscopes that I’m more used to. Each shadow has a mirror on the lid, and a pinhole at the bottom to ease the pan out of the compact should you wish to depot them.

I’d love to try out more shades by LMdB, but I find that their quality varies and it’s harder to determine the texture if you cannot try them out for yourself in person. I’m quite happy with this selection, though, and am looking at Corinthian or Jojo for my next purchase.

And now, for the second part of this post—a 1 shadow smoky eye sort of tutorial. You can pretty much use any midtone to dark shadow to create a similar effect but for the purpose of this post, I will be using the Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eye Shadow in Alexandrite.

I used Benefit Lemon Aid over the entire lid up to the browbone.

01 - Prime

Pat your selected eyeshadow all over the mobile lid, extending a little bit beyond the crease. Application doesn’t have to be perfect, especially with the edges, but try to cover your lid space evenly with color. I used a MAC 239 and Alexandrite.

02 - Pat

Using a blending brush, blend out the edges to create a soft haze. I used a MAC 217, but you can use any similar fluffy brush.

03 - Blend

Extend the color to your lower lash line. I smudged the color on two-thirds of the way in using a MAC 239. This creates a more or less balanced look.

04 - Extend

I used the Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil in Black. Again, this doesn’t have to be neat.

05 - Line

I forgot to take a photo, but this will create a more smoky look and add depth to your eye. If you decide to use this pencil, make sure to do one eye first as the liner sets quite quickly.

05b - Line 2

Smudge the liner out, creating a soft smoky effect. If your liner is a bit stubborn, you can add a bit of the shadow on your brush to create a soft gradation.

06 - Blend

I used the smudger end of my pencil liner, then went back in with my MAC 217. If your pencil doesn’t have a smudger, you can use a smudge brush, like the e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” Brush.

Curl lashes, add mascara (though I didn’t do that here), and you’re done!

Smoky Eye - Le Metier de Beaute - Alexandrite

I think this is a great way to wear some of the deep shadows in your collection. I find that a lot of smoky eyes are very pretty, though a bit complicated. If you’re having a lazy day, but you need a little oomph in your eyes, this is something worth trying. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this semi-tutorial and review. Do you have a go-to smoky eye look? Do share!


  1. Whoa this is awesome! I couldn’t figure out how to use my EoH eye pencil properly without making me looked freshly punched. This is a great tutorial, thanks!

  2. The color’s awesome! I didn’t expect it to turn out so nicely, I’m wary of reddish/pinkish eyeshadows. I usually do it the other way around: I apply and smudge the pencil first and then I apply the eyeshadow on top, that’s my shortcut/tamad version! 🙂

    • Talaga? I love them! Pero in practice, medyo mahirap nga gamitin. Haha. 🙂 I’ll try that next time!

  3. what a beautiful shade! I still haven’t found a dupe for mac’s 217, it’s my fav brush from them! xxx

    • I have been hearing about dupes from bdellium (sp?), Hakuhodo, and Sigma! Very tempted to check them out.

  4. So nice, the key thing really is to blend blend blend! Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk is a similar color and I use that for a single color smokey look too. That and MAC Satin Taupe.

    • Yup, that’s pretty much all there is to it, I think. 🙂 I think it’s also a bit intimidating to choose a shadow for your first try at this.

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