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Bring the Sunlight to Your Face with Addiction Cheek Stick in African Sunset

What? A highlighter again?! Fear not, dear reader. It is not.

It is a blush that looks like there is a bit of highlighter thrown in there. HEH.

Addiction Cheek Stick - African Sunset - Tube

This is the only cheek stick I have that has shimmer in it. It’s a pretty light golden orange, and it’s just marvelous. It was a bit hard to take a swatch of, so have three:

Addiction Cheek Stick - African Sunset - Swatch 1

Addiction Cheek Stick - African Sunset - Swatch 2

Addiction Cheek Stick - African Sunset - Swatch 3

Again, I thought this would be too light for my face, but au contraire, it actually adds depth to my round face.

Addiction - Cheek Stick - African Sunset - Cheeks

Here it is as a blush. Check it out—so beautiful and warm and summery! Perfect for the gloom and doom and humidity that is Manila weather currently. I say perfect, because boo clouds! (Just kidding, I prefer the gloom and doom, but I like brightening up my face, heh.)

And here it is on my eyes:

Addiction Cheek Stick - African Sunset - Eyes

You can see a little bit of the prettiness of the blush right in there, too. 🙂 Anyway, while it looks pretty on the eyes, it settles into the fine lines and creases. I don’t know how it performs over a primer or eye base, but on its own, I would not recommend it as a cream shadow alternative.

Let me tell you, these Cheek Sticks are FRICKEN AWESOME. Not for their “multi-purposeness,” because they are frankly sucky eye products and lipsticks, but I lovelovelove them as blushes. They have satiated this “need” for me to try cream blushes, which seem to be all the rage right now. Ah, so beautiful. And, I’m completely happy with the range I got, too! Which is always a good thing.

I have one more I have yet to share—Suspicious—and it looks so scary, but I couldn’t pass it up. (Ooooof course.)

Addiction by Ayako is owned by a parent company, Kosé, that tests on animals. I don’t know if Addiction itself is cruelty-free.


  1. Tres belllle Carinaaa!

    You and these cheek sticks, I mean.

    Since you wrote about Addiction’s Tea Rose (correct me if I’m wrong) I’ve been frantically searching the Internet for where I could get ’em online. Because I really, really want that particular shade. So pretty & all-around!

    …And now this one, too.


    • Aw, thanks! Sadly, Addiction is really hard to get a hold of outside Japan but you can try Adam Beauty or a similar powder blush from Tarte called Exposed!

  2. ADDICTION! I am already addicted to this brand, haha. Their cheek sticks are phenomenal, it looks very natural on you as well. beautiful!

    • Haha sorry my phone acted up and decided to send my comment. What I meant to say was you sound like Juno (Ellen Page) in this post the way you raved about the cheek stick. 🙂

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