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Quickie: Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in Suspicious

Addiction - Suspicious

Ah, the last Cheek Stick I have in my possession—Suspicious. This Cheek Stick is not like the rest. It’s a little bit on the dry side and can take a bit if work to blend out. Still, it’s a gorgeous one to have if you sometimes like to have a deeper flush on the cheeks, with a but if a contour thrown in.

Addiction - Suspicious - Swatch

Like most of the Cheek Sticks I own, it has no glitter or shimmer; Suspicious is just a delicious deep burgundy red. For the initiated, Cheek Sticks are multi-purpose products that you can use on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. I only like them on my cheeks, but for that purpose alone, they are amazing products.

Addiction - Suspicious - Face

On the face, it’s not so severe-looking and you can definitely wear it out without drawing too much unwanted attention, though I find that it is also great for drama if that’s something you might be looking for.

Because of the drier texture, I wouldn’t use it on my lips except over a heavy layer of balm, or as a pretty deep red stain.

I feel like this rounds out my Addiction Cheek Stick “collection” perfectly. I have a bright, happy shade (Revenge), a sheer luminous color (African Sunset), an everyday neutral (Tea Rose), and a deep, sort of antagonistic shade in Suspicious.

Have you picked any of these up? Which is your favorite shade?

Addiction by Ayako is owned by Kosé, which tests on animals. I have no information on Addiction’s own animal testing policy, though I’ve tried to get in touch with them numerous times.


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