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shu uemura Glow On Blush in Soft Mauve 225

shu uemura - Glow On Blush - Soft Mauve 225 - Pan

Here’s a tricky little bugger. I bought the shu uemura Glow On Blush in Soft Mauve 225 after seeing it on a beautiful blogger, who sang it praises and I WANTED THAT GLOW. I wanted it! Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account the difference in our skintones, hers being quite pale.

I am not pale.

So. There. I had such a big problem with this blush, because it was so light and didn’t want to show up, no matter what I did. Enter, the Illamasqua Blush-Up Brush:

Illamasqua Brush - Loaded

It’s a dense, stiff brush that is just perfect for people like me who insist on wearing too-light colors. Ta-da!

shu uemura soft mauve 225 - face

Aaaand here is a very heavy swatch:

shu uemura soft mauve swatch

Soft Mauve 225 is a really pale lavender and it looked to be like the impossible dream. I don’t get a “true-to-pan” color on my cheeks, obviously, but I like the effect it lends. I’ve yet to try it under a cream, neutral base, but I’ve worn this mixed with other blushes, to great results.

The blush itself is a bit powdery, but it’s easy to blend out so that’s not a big issue. Since I am pretty dark for it, I have to apply quite a bit of layers to get it to show up and show up in a way that is attractive.

I bought this limited edition ob case to go with this blush:

shu uemura - ob case

In the event that I actually use all of this up, I can use this case to house two eyeshadows or a new blush. Nifty, eh?

shu uemura is not cruelty-free.


  1. Well, I can’t blame you for being swayed into buying something because it looked great on xx blogger. I know I’ve done that too! Haha

    I have never tried a lavender blush. I must swatch this soon!

    • Aw, it’s just that everything she has recommended was beautiful. But yeah, I should really take into account skintones and such.

  2. Anon says

    Love your beautiful blog 🙂

    Can you please make a how-to-video on how you did your eye makeup for this blog entry. It looks so beautiful.


  3. I never knew shu uemura wasn’t cruelty free! I love their products! Gotta think twice before purchasing them now =|

    • Yup, they started out as CF but L’Oreal bought them out a few years ago, and I guess that changed. Boo. I’ve really held off buying shu products, but it’s hard as well because their skin care line is awesome for my skin.

      The bunnies, though.

  4. Hey Carina, wow I’ve never thought lavender would make a good blush shade! I think I’ll have the same problem with this not really showing up on me, but I’d still swatch it if I had the chance to! It’s just extraordinary!

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