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Smashbox Image Factory Air Blush Whipped Cheek Color in Dusty Rose

Smashbox Blush - Tub

This blush by Smashbox is one of the things I bought on a whim but I rarely ever use. Digging it up to review it, I’m reminded of why I impulsively bought it in the first place.

For one thing, it is pretty gorgeous. Dusty Rose gives such a natural flush to the cheeks, with such a pretty color coupled with a beautiful texture. If you couldn’t already tell from the name or the picture, this has a pretty mousse-y consistency—a lighter texture than cream blushes. It is blendable and light, though fairly pigmented and is layer-able without much issue.

I usually use a stippling brush when I apply it, though it goes on fairly well when used with fingers.

Smashbox Blush - Swatch

Dusty Rose is a warm, rosy color that adds enough warmth and pinkness to the skin. It really looks like you have no blush on. Because it is whipped/a mousse, it dries down to a sort of velvety finish.

BECCA - Face

On the face, it is noticeably natural, too. Does that make sense? I’ll call it that effect anyway! I think it adds just the right amount of “flush” without drawing too much attention to it, but enhancing your overall look.

Smashbox has changed its cruelty-free status since it began selling in China. This is one of the non-CF products that I’m trying to use up, in an attempt to “clean up” my stash.


  1. The first whipped blush I ever used was the Maybelline Dream Mousse blush and my only problem with them is blending! ‘Cause I’m not a very OC person, right? Sometimes, I’d be walking around with chunks of mousse blush on my cheek, HEHE. Smashbox’s is veeeery lovely and natural-looking but I don’t think I’d be able to pull it off!

    • How come! It looks really natural, lol. Blending is so easy~ with this haha. I think just get the edges and you’ll be fine!

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