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Nosy Beauty Vol. 9: Pam

Welcome to Nosy Beauty, a series I made up so I can creep on other people’s makeup bags and the things inside them. For this week, I have Pam, who I met on LiveJournal. 🙂 She currently works for a library as she works towards a degree in marketing. Pam loves “makeup, blogging (when I get the time), social media, exercising, and spending time with my boyfriend.”


“I’m Pam, I blog over at TheMacGirl and GeekToFit. I don’t like using makeup to hide my flaws, instead I try to find ways to bring out my best features. I typically try to look natural and have a pop of color somewhere; usually on my lips and/or cheeks.”

My Daily Staples
“My entire makeup routine changed drastically early last year because I lost some weight and gained my self confidence back. I didn’t wear much makeup before and I felt it was time for some change. So instead of rewarding myself with food, I rewarded myself with nail polishes and makeup. Ultimately, I created a different kind of monster! 😉

Ever since then I’ve been dabbling with makeup and checking out new products. These days my daily routine usually changes depending on how much time I have. On the average day, this is what I put on my face:


I start off with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in Light and let it set for a couple of minutes. I was a bit skeptical about primer when I started using it and now I won’t put on foundation without it. The primer really helps the mineral makeup adhere to my skin.

Mineral makeup was also something I was skeptical about until early last year. I have oily skin and so I thought mineral makeup wouldn’t provide much coverage but now I swear by it. I use BareMinerals Matte SPF 15 foundation in Light and it works well on my skin and doesn’t feel heavy like other foundations I’ve used in the past.

As for blush, I use both BareMinerals Cheek Tint in Charm and NARS Orgasm. Yes, I use both of those together. Charm is applied with a very light hand because it’s obviously very bright. I’ve found that Orgasm doesn’t show up a lot on my skin, however, if I layer it over Charm it gives it a nice shimmer.

Finally, I apply Benefit’s Watt’s Up to my cheek bones. I have to say applying Watt’s Up is the best part and I have to be honest and say the packaging sold me. However, I find it goes on better than High Beam; a product also by Benefit that I have been using prior to this purchase.”


“I haven’t quite mastered a go-to look for my eyes yet but I really love playing around with Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. As I said, I typically go for a natural look so this palette is perfect for me. It gives me enough options that I don’t get bored and can play around with something different every time I apply my makeup.

I also use M.A.C’s Star Violet on my eyes when I want a pop of color; it goes great on the creases of your eyes. Benefit’s They’re Real has been my go-to mascara! I feel as though this mascara can make anyone’s eyes pop without having to wear falsies. Seriously, have you ever tried to put on false eye lashes?! It’s hard!

For the most part my eyebrows are pretty thick but there are some areas where the hair is a little sparse so I’ve been using M.A.C’s Embark to fill in the patches that aren’t as covered.”


“Finally, for my lips… While I’m not a label snob when it comes to makeup, I do have favorite brands for certain things. I do tend to like M.A.C’s lipstick formula a lot better than other brands and most of the time it’s cheaper!

These are my favorite lipsticks (from top to bottom): M.A.C. Odyssey, Dior Rouge Dolce Vita Pink, M.A.C Speak Louder.

Odyssey wouldn’t have been a color I picked out willingly but I was at the M.A.C counter and I told them I wanted something different. Odyssey is more of something I would wear at night than during the day but I adore that shade of plum.

Dolce Vita Pink was also another purchase that wouldn’t have caught my eye in the store but someone else suggested it for me. It’s actually a great every day color for me and the one that I used the most.

Speak Louder is one I bought a few years ago. Despite having this one for years, I have used this one a lot but it’s the tube that never ends, it seems. It’s a bright pink but not so bright and offending that I can’t wear it to work. All three of these lipsticks I would purchase again especially the Dolce Vita Pink.”


“I use a makeup bag that can be bought from mochithings, it doesn’t look like the one I have is still available but this one is very close. I like it because I can stick it in my purse and it keeps all of my makeup organized, and the best part is it keeps your brushes organized which is always a plus. It also has another section that will hold your jewelry. As someone who is on-the-go, this makeup bag works perfectly for me.”


“Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what products everyone else is using!”

Yay, thanks Pam for taking the time! 🙂 Here’s a peek at next week’s bag:


Can you guess whose it is? For more Nosy Beauty, click here.


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