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Falsies: Why Go Through All the Trouble?

I’ve always been fascinated with false lashes, or falsies, but could never figure out how to wear them without feeling like I was someone else. It honestly just felt like too much effort, and I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Was the effect that dramatic that it would merit an added, somewhat complicated step to an already multi-stepped routine?

Due to uneven eyelids the lashes don’t look the same on both eyes, either, because one eyelid would eat the band up, and it was just not pretty.

The nail that put the idea of false lashes in the coffin was this photograph of myself…

…and this video by Jenna Marbles (What A Girl’s Makeup Means) where she pointed out that having on false lashes was literally a sign of you taking the effort of gluing little hairs to your eyes. It is proof that you cared enough about how you would look that you would take fake hair and glue it to your eyes.

And I didn’t like the idea of that, so I stuffed my cheap falsies in the far reaches of my drawer… but I kept wanting to try them, still.

Falsies - Packaging

Falsies - Tweezers

So, I pulled them out one day, cut up a few and popped them onto the outer corner of my eyes for some sort of wispy effect and actually really liked how they turned out:

Couches de Couleur

Couches de Couleur - Eyes

This was going to be a funny video on me putting on lashes, but they were actually pretty easy to put on, so there’s that. It’s not even all that troublesome a task; I think what’s off-putting to me is that it requires that stupid extra step. But, I do quite like how some of the lashes I already have look like, so there’s my dilemma.

I’m looking into better lashes, but so far I can’t quite justify it at the moment. All I know is that it gives my eyes an “eye lift” and more definition, creating an effect that no mascara can do for me. So far, anyway. I suppose I can just carry on exploring some more. Maybe I’ll meet some lashes that I can love. 🙂


    • Thanks for the heads up! These ones by Nature Republic are a bit cheaper, but I want to check tcfs! 🙂

  1. Agh! I’m scared of putting anything near my eyes, so I haven’t at all tried falsies and contact lenses. Mascara is already a huge step for me! (esp since I kept poking my eyes with the wand ugh) From the scale of one to wag na, how would you rate the difficulty?

    • Falsies are actually not that scary! I’d be more scared of an eyelash curler, lol. It’s like a 2, honestly. Very, very easy. The challenge is fitting the lash to your eye shape, but if you use individual lashes or like half lashes, then it’s as easy as pie.

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  3. Why not just get demi lashes? 🙂 In my opinion, people with uneven eyes folds (like us) do well if we distract from the inner corners and emphasize on the outer corners 🙂 The Face Shop has a nice selection of wearable lashes (with glue)

    • I know, that’s what I’ve been realizing, too! Thanks for the tip; I want to get outer lashes eventually!

  4. I can definitely not be bothered with false lashes, I just don’t think they make enough of a difference to be worth it!

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for the comment! Falsies, on the other hand, give me way too much drama! Haha I have short, stubby lashes that longer lashes instantly make me look like a different person. Which I don’t necessarily always like!

  5. I hardly ever use fake lashes. Most of the time I’m in a rush to get to work at a decent time so there’s the time thing. If I ever do wear falsies, it’s when I’m going out and want the extra emphasis on my eye/makeup. I used them a lot when I was modeling, other than that I only used them while I was in Vegas. Meh, I think an amazing mascara can have a similar effect (Maybelline The Falsies). I liked your false lash photos though!

    • My lashes are impossible, which is why I ever think to bother with falsies anyway. I wish I could get the same effect with just mascara, but I don’t want super va-va-voom lashes anyway. SO, I suppose this is alright, too. That’s so awesome that you used to model!

  6. Awesome post! I remember that Jenna Marbles video and I had the same reaction, but I was always fascinated by them! I got my first pair of lashes when I was at IMATS last year and I barely ever wear them, but I do like to pop them on for special occasions. I really like the way your lashes look with the fake lashes on the ends too btw.

    • Thank you! I figured out why they look strange on me, also. I think it’s really my eye shape. But yes, I think popping a few longer strands on the ends is what will work best for me. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂 Wish I could go to an IMATS one of these days.

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