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Sample Stash Sunday: HeyNature Black Diamond Moist Tightening BB Cream

HeyNature Black Diamond BB Cream - Packet

Hello, Sample Stash is back! I hope I can keep this up and use up all my samples. I’m aiming for twice a month, at least, so wish me luck! 🙂 Anyway, today, I have a Korean BB Cream called the Hey Nature Black Diamond Moist Tightening BB Cream. I got this in a Glamour Box many months ago. I’m a little averse to trying sachets of samples, but I didn’t want this to go to waste so I sucked it up and put it on my face.

HeyNature Black Diamond BB Cream - Swatch

It swatches pretty nicely and doesn’t look too white for me. Most BB creams tend to lean towards a super-cool pinky color, which kind of leaves a grey cast on people who aren’t as pale as Koreans to begin with. I don’t really like BB creams because I know I am not “pinky-white” and I do not really aspire to be.

However, BB creams attained popularity because of their supposed skin care benefits that lend to a complexion as glowing and beautiful as a Korean pop star’s. Since I didn’t get a bigger sample (though the cream is easy enough to spread that all you need is a little product), I can only speak for the immediate results of this BB cream.

HeyNature Black Diamond BB Cream - Face

As you can tell, it’s a little too light for me. Weird. It doesn’t look too off-putting on my face, but when your eyes travel down my face to my neck, chest, arms, etc. you would realize that something was amiss! Up close, it looks like it doesn’t sit well on your face, but from a distance, it just gives such a gorgeous dewy look, so I’m quite torn as to how to feel about this product.

The coverage is decent as well. Obviously, it does not give enough that it will cover pimples and blemishes, but it color corrects and evens out the skin tone.

Overall, my opinions on this product are pretty positive, but I don’t think I’ll be buying a full-sized bottle of this. For one thing, it’s pretty expensive. And another thing: I do think that my skin tone just probably isn’t suited for BB creams. The “real” Asian ones, anyway.

You can purchase Hey Nature on the Glamour Box website, though I have no information on its animal testing policy.


  1. I’ve recently discovered that we have KBS World channel and I’m getting seriously hooked on Korean television, they’re hilarious 😉 But only now that you mentioned it, I was able to figure out what was it about their skin tones that seemed unusual to me. They are mostly pink-toned and quite fair! Fascinating!

    Did you end up finishing up the rest of the makeup? I think you’d be able to pull it off with the right lipstick and blush!

    • Ha, that’s so cool! I live in a country that is in love with fair skin, so I keep hearing about ‘pinky-white’ and ‘fair’ et cetera on adverts and such. I’m not a fan of that whole look, but I guess the awareness comes from that.

      I think I just did eyes for this look! It’s so weird because from a distance, in real life, the finish is spectacular, but up close, it’s closer to the finish that translates on camera… which is that it just doesn’t sit well on my skin.

  2. I tried one of those Hey Nature sachets too and it must not have been very good since I don’t remember what I thought of it anymore. And it IS really expensive for BB creams, since there are a lot of acceptable (and even good) ones available locally.

    • I’m assuming the skin care aspect is what sets it apart from the cheaper ones, but I honestly can’t tell from the sachets!

  3. I definitely wouldn’t have noticed it was the wrong shade looking at your face. It looks a quite even coverage which is good.

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I rather liked the finish, but seeing my face before and after application definitely made me think twice about using this again.

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