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Unboxing: BDJ March 2015 (A Pond’s Exclusive)

Before March ends, I’ll go ahead and share this box I got from BDJ a few weeks ago! Following their last, Kawaii Must-Haves box, BDJ’s March box* is larger than usual. If the header photo didn’t already give it away… the box is a Pond’s exclusive! I remember Pond’s as my first facial wash choice when I was a young’n and although I haven’t tried their famous cold cream, everyone I know—and their mother!—swears by it as a makeup remover. I don’t have strong feelings for Pond’s as a brand—I kind of find the “Flawless White” campaign kind of damaging, but maybe that’s partly because I am not the biggest fan of Toni Gonzaga. I guess that’s neither here nor there.

Unboxing: BDJ June 2014 Box*

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s a quick unboxing post, courtesy of the awesome surprise the ladies at BDJ Box left for me on Saturday. The June 2014 BDJ Box is another brand exclusive by Benefit. I’ve had great experiences with Benefit as a brand—in fact, one of my first base products was their tinted moisturizer, You Rebel Lite—but when I decided to focus on cruelty-free beauty brands, Benefit fell by the wayside, which was a tiny bit frustrating for me, as they have been releasing quite a few products that have been in development for a long time. One thing that Benefit does well is minis. I know that sounds really dumb, but when they want you to try their products, they really go all the way. Each sample in this box, for example, come as a mini version of their regular packaging, with some card packaging to mimic the boxes that full-size items may come in.

Myra VitaGlow BB Cream*

Sometime last week, I got an unexpected package from Myra, which I think is pretty popular for their girl vitamins (Myra 300 E). The first tinted moisturizer I ever tried was by Myra, back in college probably, and I chucked that thing out incredibly quick because I was much more afraid of shimmery things on my face back then. This time around, I got to try their version of the BB Cream. I say “their version” because I don’t think this comes even close to your standard BB Cream.

Drugstore Finds: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB: 8-in-1 Cream*

Remember the Maybelline Search for the Top 8 BB Models? Maybelline kindly sent me three products from their Clear Smooth BB range, and I’ve tested them out for you. I’ll go through all of them quickly, hopefully demonstrating natural-looking “perfect skin.” What is Maybelline Clear Smooth BB? Known for its 8 healthy benefits, the 8-in-1 BB Cream brightens, evens, smooths, refines, clears, conceals, moisturizes and protects to give you perfectly flawless skin in an instant. Top it off with its affordable price, flexible shades, and varying formats, and it’s no wonder top models from New York all the way to Asia choose Maybelline Clear Smooth BB!” Too good to be true? Let’s find out! The first item I got to try is the BB Stick, which is the format suited for oily skin. The shade is in 01 Fresh, which is the lighter of the two available in all the products in the line. Since I have a tan, it looks scarily too light for me, but once blended out, it actually looks decent. I …

Sample Stash Sunday: HeyNature Black Diamond Moist Tightening BB Cream

Hello, Sample Stash is back! I hope I can keep this up and use up all my samples. I’m aiming for twice a month, at least, so wish me luck! 🙂 Anyway, today, I have a Korean BB Cream called the Hey Nature Black Diamond Moist Tightening BB Cream. I got this in a Glamour Box many months ago. I’m a little averse to trying sachets of samples, but I didn’t want this to go to waste so I sucked it up and put it on my face. It swatches pretty nicely and doesn’t look too white for me. Most BB creams tend to lean towards a super-cool pinky color, which kind of leaves a grey cast on people who aren’t as pale as Koreans to begin with. I don’t really like BB creams because I know I am not “pinky-white” and I do not really aspire to be. However, BB creams attained popularity because of their supposed skin care benefits that lend to a complexion as glowing and beautiful as a Korean pop star’s. …

Sample Stash Sunday: too cool for school After School BB Foundation Lunchbox*

I got a sample of the too cool for school After School BB Foundation Lunchbox in 1 Matte in the July BDJ Box, and that’s awesome because I’ve been wanting to try it since I began exploring the brand. This skin match is just asking for trouble! Look how white it is against my skin tone. Still, I wanted to see if I could use it. Since I wanted to see just how drastic the difference in, here I am without makeup, aside from this on one side of my face: Surprise! It’s not so bad. 🙂 In fact, I think it blends in quite nicely with my skin and evens out my skin tone. My eyebags are hopeless, so I’m not even going to go there. Here I am with all of it blended out + the rest of my makeup: This was the look for my last Made-Up History post. I think this is a bit too pale for me, but it’s honestly nothing that a bit of bronzer can’t fix. I’ve got …

Quickie: Snoe Beauty’s Let it B with WasaB BB Cream

I didn’t really need another face base, let alone two! But let me explain. It all started with soap. My sister wanted me to get her some soap from Snoe Beauty, but I am such a hermit that I ended up buying it online, which is dangerous territory for someone like me because I end up buying other things. Anyway, long story short, I got curious about Let it B with WasaB, a BB Cream. Let it B with WasaB anti-oxidant BB Cream fortified with Wasabi Extract contains a potent mixture of Calcium, Vitamin C, Potassium, Antimicrobial properties and more! It can promote oxygenation of cellular tissues as well as strengthen your skin’s defenses against free radical damage. Tested at SPF 30++. I wanted to try other variants, but this was the cheapest one I was interested in at Php 499. The reason why I have two is because they accidentally sent me the wrong shade (Warm Honey instead of Perfect Beige) and the customer service was awesome because I got it the day after …