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Stylenanda 3CE One Color Shadow in Saturn*

Stylenanda 3CE - One Color Eyeshadow - Saturn

My makeup heart is always attracted to eyeshadow, even though I already have too much. I’m so pleased to have gotten one from my bntgirls beautybox. Here’s a Stylenanda 3CE One Color Shadow in Saturn. It’s a new release, part of the Shimmer range of 3CE eyeshadows. There are three other finishes: matte (natural), lustre (dimension & glow), and sparkling (dewy & youthful).

Stylenanda claims that the characteristics of the shimmer eyeshadows as fine-textured eyeshadows will look great on Asians for “structured, glamorous makeup.” All of the shadows are a one-touch eyeshadow color—if I’m not mistaken, they are marketed as eyeshadows you can wear on their own. Right off the bat, the quality is pretty amazing, just judging by texture and feel.

I didn’t realize just how red Saturn was until I pulled out a color I had that I thought to be similar to it:

Stylenanda 3CE - One Color Eyeshadow - Saturn - Kiko 204

On the left is 3CE’s Saturn. On the right, we have 203 Burgundy, which is a Water Eyeshadow from Kiko Make Up Milano. Side-by-side, they look identical, but they swatch kind of differently:

Stylenanda 3CE - One Color Eyeshadow - Saturn - Finger Swatches

Though both red, 203 Burgundy (on the left) has just a touch more purple in it. Saturn is described as a burgundy mixed with pearlescent pink.

Stylenanda 3CE - One Color Eyeshadow - Saturn - Swatches

I find Saturn to be of better quality, too. The pigmentation is amazing, and the texture is quite soft and buttery.

You can actually wear this color in several ways. It looks scary, but you can actually just apply it lightly for the slightest hint of color, like I did on the left. On the right, I spritzed MAC Fix+ on my brush, dipped it in Saturn, and kapow! A beautiful, extra-bold festive red.

MAC Fix+ - Eyeshadow

I used it for a failed video (I poked my left eye and made it red), but here is Saturn in action, for posterity:

Stylenanda 3CE - Eyeshadow - Saturn

Honestly, I do not find it that hard to work with, despite it being quite red. Especially if you pair it with more neutral, earth-toned shades like browns. For this look, I paired it with cool greys, so I suppose it’s a little harder to wear out on a regular day.

All in all, this is an amazing eyeshadow and I’d love to try out some more colors in the near future. The colors are actually pretty exciting, especially if you see how their campaign utilizes them:

3CE Saturn - ads

Each color retails for $12.11 at StyleNanda.

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge!

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge!

* This product was provided to me, free of charge, for review. All opinions are honest, unbiased, and my own. 🙂

As of September 20, via KARA (Korean Animal Rights Activists):
For 3 Concept Eyes, despite that the brand tried to cooperate with our process to clarify their animal testing free policy, one of their producers was unable to check with all the ingredients suppliers so they have been on hold.

If you could contact these brands and express your interest in finding them on our list, that would be great. The Korean cosmetics industry is trying to reach out to foreign consumers more than ever so it would definitely help. Thank you.

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  1. Awesome! I have some red shadows in my palettes and I am not quite sure how to use it, but this shows me clearly how to! Thanks! 😀

  2. I’ve been wanting 3CE stuff for ages! Such a shame I didn’t know about it yet when I went to Korea last March. I lived so close to the flagship store in Hongdae. I really want the Venus one! I’m not sure how a red one would look like on my skin but I think I ought to try one of these days..

  3. I’m so scared to try red on my eyes because I think they will look very bruisy on me (especially considering my skin tone). I love how you took a chance with this sample because all the looks you made flatter you sooo much! I especially love your Studio Fix-ed look 🙂 (Is that really just one shadow?)

    • Yayyyy! 😀 I think if you mix it with purple, it will definitely look bruisey. This seems like it would go well with browns or even a lighter pink or beige. 🙂 And yes, that’s one shadow!!!

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    • I think the metallic ones have better pigmentation. I have those and the matte ones and they definitely need more work to show up and stay put. I have oily lids so I always use an eye primer. Hope that helps!

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