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FairyDrops VolumeBurst Mascara (Film Type)

Fairy Drops - Volume Burst

Here’s a quick review of FairyDrops VolumeBurst Mascara (Film Type), which I got way back in April when I went to Japan. I only opened it fairly recently, as I was trying to finish up some mascaras before cracking open a new one. Predictably, I was super excited to use it, but I quickly found out that the formula was way too goopy for me. Dejected, I set this aside and didn’t really reach for it all that much, but determined, I wanted to see if I could make it work for me.

FairyDrops is kind of like an elusive unicorn, especially for mascara-lovers in the Western side of the world. To my knowledge, very rare shops carry (or have carried) this brand, but those who have tried this favored it over other mascara formulas. I randomly picked this one up, without knowing which type it was, but the VolumeBurst mascaras don’t seem to be the most raved-about formulas from the FairyDrops range.

Fairy Drops - Volume Burst - Wand

I think these mascaras are identifiable by their weird, caterpillar wands, comprised of three furry “balls,” meant to catch each lash or something. I find them really hard to work with, since the goopy formula will get stuck in the ridges, making me prone to overapplying the mascara.

Here’s a preview of what it looks like on lashes, by itself. I wore the mascara on curled lashes, (your side) left eye.

FairyDrops Volume Burst Mascara - Eyes

I don’t like it much for that as it tends to clump together my lashes and kind of make them droop and not hold a curl. However, I have been experimenting with layering mascara and I find that I really like it on top of a mascara that can hold my curled lashes. Here it is layered on top of Maybelline’s The HyperCurl:

Mascara Magic - Volume - FD

True to its name, it has added volume to my eyelashes. I especially like using it on my bottom lashes, though the wand makes it a weirdly messy affair. It also kind of takes a while to dry, so I blink with caution, lest my upper and lower lashes get stuck together.

I also like how it’s a “film type” mascara, which means I can take it off without scrubbing and having to deal with makeup remover. Lukewarm/warm water does the trick and I am so glad for that.

All in all, it’s not my favorite, but I’m not swayed enough into not trying the other variants. I especially want to consider this brand some more, since taking off the product is so easy.

FairyDrops, to my knowledge, is cruelty-free.


  1. I have the FD Platinum and I am so far liking it. It also does have that tendency to clump but if you’re careful you can avoid it. I like that it’s super waterproof!

  2. Rachel says

    I have the purple one and it’s my HG. I find that it works best when it’s goopy. 🙂 I look like I’m wearing falsies when every time I use it.

    • My lashes don’t hold a curl so goopy mascara makes them droop! I get that they give amazing volume, though.

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