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TONYMOLY Backstage Gel Liner in Diva Grey*

TONYMOLY - Backstage Gel Liner - 11

And for my next trick—a gel liner! The Backstage Gel Liner is one of TONYMOLY’s bestselling products, and I can totally see why. It applies smoothly and opaquely, and the liner itself is creamy to the touch. Once it sets, however, it won’t budge.

TONYMOLY - Backstage Gel Liner - 11 - Swatches

The color I got was #11 Diva Gray, but they have a lot of color offerings that I am keen to try once I use up a gel liner or two. #11 Diva Gray is a midtone, steely grey with a smattering of glitter. This formula is waterproof and long-wearing—definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried!


It’s a pretty dark-enough color for some definition and a little fun (hello, little wing!) but it’s not as harsh or dark as a black liner would be.

TONYMOLY - Backstage Gel Liner - 11 - Applicator

The packaging is a hit-or-miss for me, though I suppose it’s good for travel. While I don’t like the complicated, unbalanced shape (wide at the bottom, super narrow at the top), I do appreciate that the narrow end is a built-in applicator. It’s quite a good one, too. If you recall, I have uneven eye folds, so I use the thicker, flat end of the brush to line my right eye. The thin, skinny side is for the left eye. 🙂 The handle extends a little bit, too, so you can have a better grip of the product.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s affordable while being of great quality, and it’s a very accessible brand. We have TONYMOLY counters and boutiques in Manila, but if live overseas, this cult product is widespread all over eBay. 🙂

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge!

Say hello to the bntgirls official badge!

* This product was provided, free of charge, to be reviewed as part of the bntgirls’ first mission.

TONYMOLY is cruelty-free.

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  1. How much does it cost? I don’t think we carry this in Singapore, I might drop by a counter when I’m next in Manila.

    • it’s ~490. i buy the refill instead (350 i think) since i prefer using a flat angle brush.

  2. been using this gel liner for years. tried other brands but i still go back to tony moly. i use black almost everyday but if i want to go a bit softer i go for khaki black.

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