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Winging it out: Winged Eyeliner for Weird Fold-y Eyes

After “Eye Month,” or this blog’s month-long special on eye makeup, I really felt like I had a good grasp of my eye shape and how to work with it. As I’ve detailed in this post, My Ocular Affliction, aside from typical Asian eyes (save for a monolid), I had a weird fold on one eye that didn’t match the other. This made for a difficult time when I want to wear my eyeliner a certain way.

Since then, I’ve figured out how to create a subtle wing without making myself look like an asshole. By starting the eyeliner from the middle of the eye, I can trick people into thinking that my eyeliner is even, even though it’s not:

Winging it Out for Weird Eye Folds

You can add a little flick on the outer corners by angling the line upward and outward. For more definition (though this will highlight the difference in eye shape), you can also connect this upper line to a line on your lower lash line.

If you were wondering, I used the TONYMOLY Backstage Gel Liner in Dove Gray*. Normally, I would make a wing with a liquid eyeliner. 🙂

Anyway, my tip is basically to start in the middle of the eye, and then kind of concentrate everything on the outer part of your eye.

And because I felt like playing, here’s a look with gold eyeshadow (Urban Decay Half Baked), rosy cheeks (Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color RS302), and a red lip (Revlon Liquid Lipstick Top Tomato).

Winging it Out for Weird Eye Folds - Gold Eye, Red Lips

And, that’s it! Thank you for reading, and I hope that was helpful for you!

Winging it Out for Weird Eye Folds - Bye

* This product was provided for free.

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  1. On the rare days when I bother with eyeliner, I always do mine half-way out. It’s because my eyes are quite round already and close together, so if I go with eyeliner from the inner corners, it just looks like too much.

  2. If you saw my eyes in one of the bb cream posts, you’ll notice how it doesn’t make sense for me to wear eyeliner anymore. Mine is droopy and the lids fold over. I have to do something with my ‘pose’ to make some of the lid appear (e.g., lifting my eyebrows a little and tilting my head). 😛

    • Ah! It’s really hooded no? I think it’s better for you to tightline lang, just for definition. 😀 LOL, my ‘pose’ is to look downward! HAHA.

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