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Nosy Beauty Vol. 16: Macy

Guess what? Macy sent in her answers for this Nosy Beauty feature right after I posted Tellie’s (in which, if you recall, I said I didn’t have any features for the coming week). Talk about a life-saver! 🙂 Thanks, Macy!

I met Macy, as I meet all of my friends apparently, over the Internet. 🙂 We followed each other’s journals, I think as far back as high school for me, and I watched her grow up and forge a successful career for herself. 😀 I finally met her in person a few weeks ago!


Hello, I’m Macy. I work as‘s managing editor and I also bake on the side for Macy’s Fields. I’ve been a citizen of The Internet for as long as I can remember. So in the past 16 years or so, I’ve left a trail of abandoned blogs and websites. So far, I’ve managed to keep updating, where I write about the things I love: food, words, and things I make with my hands.


I don’t usually have a kikay kit in my bag. I prefer to do my makeup at home and I can’t be bothered to touch up anything except maybe my lipstick if I even wear any. My kit is a gift from one of my kabarkadas. It used to house travel size body wash and lotion. It has a matching mirror!


I hate wearing foundation, but I’ve been using CC cream lately. I’m partial to BB and CC creams, because they kind of just absorb into your skin and it doesn’t feel too heavy. I use these four on rotation: Revlon Photoready BB cream in Light Medium, Revlon Absolute Radiance CC Cream, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (which I got for “free” when I bought Vogue Girl Korea at an airport), and Tony Moly Whipped BB Cream.


For face powder, I have two. I’ve been using Avon’s Simply Pretty (hahaha, I know this is for teens), because I like that it matches my skin whether or not I’m tan. I use this when I use the Revlon BB cream. More recently, I tried using the Revlon Absolute Radiance Foundation in Shell.


I love eye makeup and most of my kit is filled with eye things. I’ve only recently learned to use primer and after finishing my Revlon Photoready primer, I switched to this Makeup Factory one. I have a Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil (although I haven’t been using it since I had my bangs cut) and eyeliner both in brown. My friend Stephie was the one who got me curious about Dolly Wink and all these Japanese and Korean makeup brands. Before Dolly Wink, I was using Etude House’s Proof 10 Auto Pencil in brown.

I got this MAC Kohl Liner from a press kit and I like how it goes on so smoothly. I was always a fan of pencil eyeliners until I tried this Hyperliner one from Maybelline. It’s got the thinnest brush tip so it’s easy to use without ending up with panda eyes! The colored eyeliners (I have a blue and a green one) are for when I want a pop of color but don’t want to use eye shadow.


I use a Shu Uemura eyelash curler, but it’s not in the photo because it’s old and not at all photogenic, haha. For mascara, I’m partial to comb applicators but this Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara is not bad! I’m finishing it so I can try the Canmake one. The Tony Moly Makeup Eraser is the best thing ever. Sometimes I get a bit of mascara on my lid and just a quick swipe with this pen and it’s gone!


For eye shadow, I only really use the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette now. Also in the photo are two blush trios—one from Revlon and another from Estee Lauder, which is my mom’s (which also means it’s old. Should I stop using it? Hehe).


I have three other blush options: a pink one from Covergirl, a cream blush from Canmake (my current fave!), and an orangey Puff de Cheek from Majolica Majorca.


For the lips, I always have some sort of balm on hand. I really love the smell of this eos one. And I like that the MAC one has SPF (it smells super good!). I like sheer lipstick that you can build on for more color.

My favorites are Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum (which I learned from you, Carina!) and Benefit’s Tutti Cutie (which seems like my MLBB shade even though it’s actually kind of orangey!). I also love stuff you don’t need to reapply like these Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in Rendezvous and Lovesick.


If I’m feeling a little more bold with lipstick, I’ll go for Maybelline Colorsensational Very Cherry, Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick in RD02 (the only reds that seem to look nice one me), CK Creme Lipstick in Rose Rush, or Max Factor in Bewitching Coral.


These don’t fit in my kikay kit, but just thought I’d put it here too. I use ZA Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer before putting on makeup. For removing eye makeup, I’m on my second bottle of Muji’s Eye Makeup Remover. Etude House’s Lip and Cheek Remover (hehe) also works. This cute bunny mist is supposedly for setting your makeup, but I almost always never remember.


I’ve always been fascinated by makeup. I remember playing with a palette for kids (glitter! pastel! shimmer!) that my mom got me years ago. I always looked like I timewarped from the ’80s, but I loved putting on eye makeup! Years later, I learned how to use makeup properly when I joined the UP Streetdance Club in college. We had to do our own makeup for shows and competitions, so I slowly learned by trial and error.


These days, I learn a lot by snooping around at shoots when the models are getting made up. I surf beauty blogs and Instalk (er, on Instagram) people whose makeup I like in hopes I get to see some of their beauty secrets. Haha! Also, my officemates give me some of their beauty loot to try (we get a lot of products in the office) and when I like something so much, I’ll end up buying it for myself when it runs out.

Thank you so much, Macy, for this week’s Nosy Beauty. 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Remember, visit for more Macy!

Nosy Beauty, for the next two weeks, will be special installments. I have busy weekends up ahead so I hope you don’t mind! For more Nosy Beauty to tide you over, click here.


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