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A Blog Birthday: Some Thoughts on Makeup & Beauty

Hello everyone!

If you couldn’t tell from the title, my beauty blog just turned a year old! 🙂

There have been a lot of changes regarding how I regard makeup, beauty, and accumulation. A lot of the ways in which I think and approach cosmetics and this aspect of beauty in my life has changed. I hope you don’t mind if I share them with you. 🙂

Overall, I have cultivated an awareness that was most definitely not there before. I think that’s natural when you learn more about something over time, but that’s the big glaring difference.

Using shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld's Prestigious Bordeaux Palette. LOL.

Using shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld’s Prestigious Bordeaux Palette. LOL.

I am more aware of which types of products work best for my skin tone, skin type, and features. I am more aware of how to actually apply the makeup. (Consider the photos to your left, in which I used the same palette in Nov 2012 & Sept 2013.) I am more aware of what colors suit me better and what things to consider when reviewing and purchasing products. More importantly than all of that, I am more aware of the ingredients in the products I put on my face. I am more aware of the ethical and environmental implications of my own consumption of makeup.

This beauty thing is something that I am strangely passionate about (as a hobbyist) and I had been someone who was so enraptured by the beauty and the possibilities that the products represent. I was carried away by my curiosity, and I really failed to examine the reasons why I want things, often mistaking this strong desire for a need.

Ultimately, I honestly don’t think I need any of these products. I can function properly without them. However, beauty is something that makes me feel good—to participate in, to geek out over, to share with others. I do think that it should be done, not at the expense of others as much as possible, which explains the cruelty-free (or CF) route that I am hoping to undertake and have been more conscious of.

One of the biggest lessons for me is that cruelty-free beauty is possible, and I suppose that is also something that I’ve struggled with. The fact remains that animal cruelty is not necessary to create good quality products. I know that there is legislation that, at times, requires the company to test on animals. However, I do know that it is also possible to say ‘no’ to that, and reject the market that requires this inhumane practice. There have been a number of companies who have courageously pulled out of countries that still rely on animal testing when there are other alternatives available, even at the expense of lower sales.

I still receive some non-CF items from time to time, and occasionally, I will forget to check if an item is cruelty-free. But this shift is a work in progress, so I hope you understand. 🙂

Of course, I can’t forget about you guys, who have been with me on this weird “journey.” It’s incredibly lame to get sappy about things like this (no, it isn’t!), but I just want you guys to know that I am extremely grateful for everything, so far. This experience wouldn’t be half as fun as it is without each and everyone of you. 🙂 I appreciate all of the comments and most of the emails, so thank you again for speaking with me, and not making me feel like a weirdo for liking makeup so much.

Here’s to another year in the beauty blogging world, and I hope you stick around, too. 🙂 I’ll be flying out on a couple of trips later this week, but I have a few posts lined up and I’ll be posting on Instagram. Thanks again for sharing this experience with me.


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  1. Happy blog birthday! 😀 Keep on doing what you do, you’re definitely one of my inspirations in beauty blogging! You were the one who introduced the idea of cruelty-free beauty, and I aspire to stick to that stance as much as I can too. Thank you, and I appreciate all that you are sharing with us.

  2. Happy blog birthday! Softly Sometimes is my favorite beauty blog 5ever~ because your reviews are thorough and you’re funny and you make great recommendations! <333 Looking forward to more posts from you 😀

  3. Happy blog birthday! 🙂 I look forward to getting email notifications of your posts every day and I look forward to more days of receiving those notifications. 🙂 Enjoy your upcoming trips! 🙂

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