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Testing the Waters with Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2

Hello, everyone! I’ve been testing out the Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 eyeliner set for about four days now, and I just wanted to share my thoughts. 🙂 This isn’t a full review by any means, but for the most part, I am enjoying this set a lot. That’s saying something, because I am not a big liner girl, since I usually play with my eyeshadow instead.

UD - Ocho Loco 2 - Case

Anyway, the Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 is one of their holiday sets for 2013. You get EIGHT 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, four of which are limited edition shades. Add to that a Grindhouse sharpener, which is celebrated in its own right. I haven’t sharpened anything with that yet, so thoughts on that are on hold.

UD - Ocho Loco 2 - Grindhouse

But it’s a really pretty color, and I love that it has a pick thing that sort of deals with the eyeliner/product gunk build-up by near the blades.

UD - Ocho Loco 2 - Swatches

Here are the initial swatches, from L-R: Roach, Twice Baked, Crave, Perversion, Mars, Deep End, Ultraviolet, and Tornado. These glide on so well and they pretty much stay put. I rubbed my finger over the colors, and there was very minimal transfer, mostly just the shimmer particles.

I didn’t think that these swatches really showed you the shade differences and range of the liners, so I took some more swatches that are more representative of what they really look like, i.e. supah gorgeous!

Ocho Loco 2 Swatches

Beautiful! 🙂 Roach is a coppery color with a bit of shimmer. I’m a bit sad and icked out that it does sort of resemble a cockroach, even though that’s probably not what they meant by ‘roach.’ LOL. It also does sort of look like the burnt part of a roach, but I’m guessing people will associate it more with the bug. ANYWAY. It’s beautiful. I’ll try not to think of cockroaches when I put it on.

Twice Baked is a deeper, cooler brown with shimmer. Crave is a blackened brown that looks close to black. It’s deeper than most dark brown eyeliners that I’ve encountered. I think people would mistake it for a black. 🙂 Perversion needs no introduction! It’s a full-on matte black. Mars is a teal-ish blue green color.

Deep End is a turquoise/aqua shade. Ultraviolet is a blue violet shimmery shade that is so pretty but is also the patchiest and least opaque of them all. Tornado is predictably my kinda color. It’s a blackened purple that is also somewhat bright. I think this is a shadow from one of the Oz palettes that they turned into a liner.

I tried some of these on once I got them. Sorry in advance for the shiny face and obnoxious pores, lol. Tornado on the upper lashline:

UD - Ocho Loco 2 - Tornado

Ultraviolet and Mars on each of the lower lashlines:

UD - Ocho Loco 2 - Ultraviolet, Deep End

Crave on upper lashline and Deep End on the lower waterline:

Crave and Deep End

Also, I got bangs and a haircut! 🙂 They look yucky in the last photo because I had just rolled out of bed.

Some general thoughts: I think that $20 for a liner is absurd, even though Perversion is so good that you can say ‘bye’ to all your other black pencil liners now. I talked myself into getting this set because it’s such a great value, overall. There are 8 liners—all of which I actually like—and a sharpener for slim and thick pencils. And it retails for just about a dollar under the price of three pencils—$59. I mean, seriously.

Also, these liners are so good that if there is a particular color you don’t like, it’s totally acceptable to gift it to a friend. S/he will probably glomp (jump/tackle/hug) you, even. They’re ah-mah-zing, so get them when you can!


  1. Wow, so gorgeous!!! I might convince my mother to get these as she is in need of a good eyeliner and I may get a few of her rejects…hehe 🙂

  2. ManilaJen says

    This has been in my list from the holiday collections along with Nars x Bourdin sets! Love em and it would be perfect bec of the value and the fact that I do not have a lot of eyeliners Question, how long till Sephora order gets here in MNL and how much shipping fee via GCash Amex card?Thanks Carina! Soo tempted! 😉

  3. Ever since I started using gel/cream liners, I’ve developed a dislike for pencils. They’re either too hard or too creamy. I had a UD liner pencil in Bourbon (another great brown shade!) but that one was too creamy and would smush (is that the right word? LOL) very easily and eventually it started to crumble as I applied it :-/ It also seemed a lot less accurate. I like very fine lines and its hard to get that from a pencil. That being said, these are GREAT colors and they look awesome on you! I wish I wasn’t so color shy!

  4. I have one in Mushroom, and purchased the dual set. Sayang ito na lang sana! Hehe. I love the staying power of these pencils! 🙂

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