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Revisited: The Lip Slip by Sara Happ

Sara Happ - The Lip Slip

I’ve dismissed The Lip Slip by Sara Happ as overhyped once upon a time. I couldn’t bring myself to fully enjoy a $24 lip balm, though to be fair I got it at half the price.

Fast forward to today and I am eating my words. This saved my lips. I had an extremely dry spell on my top lip, that felt almost like a film. Nothing helped it—not even Vaseline’s Advanced Lip Therapy, which has often been touted to be the saving grace for lips as dry as the Sahara Desert.

Sara Happ - The Lip Slip - Pot

The Lip Slip is quite heavy and emollient. I put it on in a last-ditch attempt to bring my lips back to life after obsessive treatment with aforementioned Vaseline in another heavy lip balm. I left it on overnight, just like I used to do when I first got it and when I woke up, it had worked! 🙂

I’m pretty sure it’s cruelty-free, though I’d have to double check. I know that the price tag is a bit hard to swallow but this honestly has lasted me a long time. It has a fair amount of shimmer and sparkle, too, which looks pretty by itself or on top of a lip color.

If you have a problem with dry lips and nothing seems to be working, give this one a shot. So, sorry, little pot of goodness. I have doubted you and was very wrong to have done so.

Sara Happ is available at Beauty Bar branches in Manila.


  1. irisvieru says

    Hi Carina! I’ve been following your blog silently for a while now, I really love it!
    I have some doubts on this lip balm because of its formulation… Although it has some natural oils, it’s full of mineral oil, that does nothing to moisturize your lips and is also a super-cheap ingredient! If you can, grab some Badger’s lip balms (or other natural ones, they worked wonders for my chapped, dry lips!

    • Hi! 🙂 Thanks for the comment. That’s too bad, but I’m glad I only have this one pot if that’s the case. I think that the mineral oil that’s generally used in makeup and skin care is highly refined and purified. Would you know if Badger’s is cruelty-free?

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