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Nosy Beauty Vol. 20: Kine

Time for another edition Nosy Beauty, which is my ongoing series of Makeup Bags I Look Into. 🙂 Today’s victim subject is Kine of Kim Kine. I met her through bntgirls, as she is part of my batch as well. 🙂


Hi everyone, my name is Kimberley but on the internet I go by Kine. I’m a full time (5 days a week!) university student studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and I also work part time as a receptionist. Some fun facts- I have a few beauty pageant titles under my belt, a blue belt black tip in karate and 57 trophies won from dancing competitions. In my little spare time I pursue my many varied interests, some of these include fantasy books, Les Miserables the musical, documentaries, lactose and gluten free cooking and of course, blogging! My blog is a mish mash of life snippets, I blog about anything and everything that takes my fancy.


My interest in beauty started when I was around 12 years old when I was a competitive dancer. I did my make up myself and rather enjoyed piling on purple eye shadow up to my eyebrows and pairing it with bright red lipstick- that was the definition of ‘stage’ make up back then! When I went to school in Singapore, make up was not allowed, yet I would still find ways around it- a hint of powder here and there, some tightlining and barely there mascara boosted my confidence.

This is my make up pouch gifted from my Mum, I love it and think it’s so unique and pretty. I simply do not have the time or patience to touch up my eye makeup when I’m out, hence the sparse contents.


These are products that I use on a daily basis and I have repurchased everything seen here and am bringing all of these items on holiday in a week’s time!


Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #27 — My Holy Grail base product as it the only BB cream that matches my tanned skin. Not to mention the perfect dewy coverage it gives, I have repurchased this at least 4 times.

Urban Decay Naked Palette — I use this on a daily basis. My favourite colors are Half baked and Smog.

NYX Full coverage concealer — it’s cheap, creamy and conceals!

Sleek Blush by 3 palette and contour kit — these are great for travel.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express in Waterproof — my Holy Grail mascara. It picks up eyelashes I didn’t know I had and most importantly, keeps my curl.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler

Australis Mineral Inject lipgloss in Moonwalk — a shimmery nude shade that goes with everything.

Eyeliners and eyebrow products come and go, as long as they stay don’t smudge, then I’m ok with them.


Za Two Way Powder Foundation — I have been using this for 6 years or so and stock up every time I go back to Singapore. I use it over my BB cream if I want a matte look, I love the coverage and finish, plus it’s fairly cheap!

Australis Mineral Inject Lipgloss in Moonwalk and Lipstick in Mambo — I use the two of these together for the perfect rock n roll nude lip which looks great with smokey eyes.

Australis Mineral Inject Lipstick in Jive and Lipgloss in Disco — I use these together to make a sweet babydoll pink lip.


I use makeup to express how I feel that day, but always keep it appropriate to the situation. For university days I will go with a fresh, dewy K beauty look. I use dinners, events and parties to experiment with fun colors on my eyes and lips.


Of course, fashion plays an integral part of how I do my makeup that day, I blog about that too (surprise surprise!). I find beauty in many things- earl grey tea on a winter morning, a really good morsel of sushi, my sister’s laugh and even dilapidated buildings. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different, I’ve had some struggles but I genuinely believe you cannot be happy unless you are true to yourself in all aspects of life, apologies for the giant cliche. Outer beauty fades, but inner beauty is forever.

I will be embarking on a volunteer trip to Nepal next week to refurbish a village school and then travelling to Japan for a ski holiday! Feel free to follow my journey.

You can find me on Instagram: @kim_kine or at Kim Kine.

Thank you so much, Kine! 🙂 Here’s a sneak peek of next week’s installment:


Can you guess whose bag it is? 🙂 For more Nosy Beauty, click here.


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