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Swatchfest: My First Oslo Cosmetics Order

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 1

I think you guys no by now how easily swayed I am if something is named in the best way. I get suckered in and then I find myself in another point of no return. In any case, I saw an eyeshadow by Oslo Cosmetics named “Carinae,” which was an area of Ancient Rome. It was close enough to my name, so of course, I had to go look… and then I found an ultra bright orange blush named “Carina.” And then I died and bought makeup.

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 3

There’s really something about mineral makeup. I just can’t help myself. Everything’s so pretty. Oslo Cosmetics pigments and eyeshadows are lumpy-looking because the formulation is a bit different from regular loose eye shadows. The creator, Joyce K., mixes in some binders that allow the shadows to adhere well to your skin (which explains also the lack of sifters. I’d like to see you try and sift these powders). You COULD use a primer, but these are pretty awesome at staying put already. Extensive FAQ here.

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 4

My initial order was comprised of Carina, a bunch of loose colors and the Dark Days Collection, which had two matte velvet cream bases (basically cream shadows). They were out of stock, though, so Joyce asked me to pick two other singles, and I settled with one called Orphicus and another called… A Song of Ice and Fire! From their Game of Thrones collection. 😀 I also received (some gold leaf ♥ and) Noctem, which was part of their Halloween collection, gratis.

Here are some swatches:

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order - Swatches 1
L-R: Carina (unblended), Carina (blended), Carinae, Orphicus, A Song of Ice and Fire, Pyxis, Ara, Doradus, Noctem, Vela, Equinox, Lyra

Pyxis, Ara, and Doradus are from the Dark Days Collection. Orphicus and Vela are from the Rome Collection. Carinae is from the Colossus Collection. A Song of Ice and Fire is from the Game of Thrones Collection. Lyra is from the Starlight Collection. Noctem is from the Sepulchrum Halloween Collection. Equinox is the limited edition shade for November. Carina is from the Cosmic Blush Collection.

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 1 - Swatches 2
L-R: Carina (unblended), Carina (blended), Carinae, Orphicus, A Song of Ice and Fire, Pyxis, Ara, Doradus, Noctem, Vela, Equinox, Lyra

Here are the official color descriptions:

  • Carina: Bright, cosmic matte red-orange blush
  • Carinae: Beautiful, shimmery/metallic peach-pink, with light green/gold shift
  • Orphicus: Dark, shimmery deep forest green
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Deep smoldering metallic plum with tiny lavender-blue sparkles
  • Pyxis: Light iridescent duochrome pink-violet
  • Ara: Dark, sultry shimmery brassy red
  • Doradus: Shimmery blush-brown-violet with slight duochrome glitter
  • Noctem: no longer on the site, but it’s a matte black with red-orange sparks
  • Vela: Soft satin mid tone brown with slight color green duochrome shift
  • Equinox: Shimmery duochrome golden bronze-brown with violet-lavender sparkles and glitters
  • Lyra: Smoldering, shimmery plum with duochrome glitter particles.

All the swatches, except for Noctem, are made with one swipe on unprimed skin.

Oslo Cosmetics - Swatches - Carina, Carinae, Orphicus, Asoiaf, Pyxis, Ara

Time for some close-ups!

Oslo Cosmetics - Swatches - Closeup - Carina, Carinae, Orphicus, ASoIaF, Pyxis, Ara

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 1 - Swatches - Orphicus, ASoIaF, Pyxis, Ara, Doradus, Noctem, Vela, Equinox, Lyra

For complex shades with extra sparks and shimmers, I like doing fuzzy swatches (à la Kate of Drivel About Frivol) so you can see the sparks better:

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 1 - Fuzzy Swatches

Oslo Cosmetics - Fuzzy Swatches - ASOIAF, Pyxis, Ara, Doradus, Noctem, Vela, Equinox, Lyra

Oslo Cosmetics - Swatches - ASoIaF, Pyxis, Ara, Doradus, Noctem, Vela, Equinox, Lyra

These were very, very creamy and pigmented. It was kind of insane. I can’t wait to use them!

Oslo Cosmetics - First Order 2

What do you say? Time for another Mineral Makeup Challenge?

Oslo Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty-free.


  1. Goodness, those are BEAUTIFUL colours! Did you have them shipped here? Any problems with Customs if so? 🙂

    • Yup, shipped here, took a couple of weeks. The trick to avoid customs is to keep the total of everything under $50, even shipping. 🙂 It’s not fool-proof but it’s a good method to gauge.

  2. SOOOO PREEETTY!!! Looove A Song of Ice and Fire, Ara and Doradus. Excited to see how these look when worn 😀

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  4. Those are so pigmented and amazing! Plus like you I’m a sucker for product names (and I’m a Classicist, so yay Roman/Latin names!)… The only thing that concerns me is how glittery they are – what’s the fallout like?

    • Minimal fallout, for me. The pigments really kind of melt into the skin. I only have problems when I pick up too much. I think it’s best to build up the colors as you go. 🙂

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