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Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream*

Verikos Hydrolized Collagen - Box

The Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream is a pretty interesting skincare product that I am super attracted to. Without the bells and whistles—or starfish and snail mucus—just your hydrolized collagen. Collagen is the selling point of this product; rightly so because collagen is a main component of skin connective tissue that takes up 70% of the skin and up to 90% in the dermis, on average. It’s known for moisture retention and elasticity control.

The Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream is:
— an anti-wrinkle functional cream
— 5 free formula for sensitive skin type
— nutritious and elastic skin care

It “creates a moisture barrier on dry skin and the adenosine and collagen strengthen the skin barrier for hydrated and firm skin.” Aside from being perfect for dry skin, I appreciate how this product aims to have long-term effects by strengthening the skin barrier instead of just treating the dryness, for immediate relief. It contains amino acids for skin nutrition, too, helping peptide and adenosine enhance the collagen matrix in the skin. In effect, the skin becomes healthier and firmer over time.

Verikos - Hydrolized Collagen

It’s actually a really good moisturizer to leave on your face overnight since it’s decently moisturizing but not uncomfortably heavy on your skin. From what the descriptors sounds like, I was expecting something more heavy duty but this was just a pleasant layer of moisturizer on your face that is pretty easy to ignore. That makes me think that this may be suitable for day time use, under makeup, but I haven’t tested that out yet.

There’s a light, fresh scent to it that’s not too bothersome or overwhelming. I prefer the scent of the BRTC Eye Vitalizer Cream, but this was alright, too. I’ll post more information as I progress with usage… but as for now, I’m quite enjoying it a lot!

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