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Brilliant loveheart Lip Essence*

Brilliant loveheart - Product

Brilliant Loveheart Lip Essence - Applicator

Brilliant Loveheart Lip Essence

The Brilliant loveheart Lip Essence* is part of a 3 Step Lip Care System, starring as its last, lavish step. The other steps are a lip mask and a lip gel patch. This Lip Essence is described as such:

  • High moisture energizing lip essence
  • With various vitamins the essence provides nutrients and a liveliness as if you have applied a colored tint.

It’s fairly moisturizing upon application but it doesn’t completely moisturize the lips. I do have some dry patches left after the essence wears off. I think that’s pretty understandable as it’s not designed to be used alone (see here). The first two steps are for exfoliation and moisture, which makes me think that the effects of this product is mainly superficial.

It’s for “the appearance of rejuvenated lips,” so I don’t think it was meant to provide deep hydration for the lips. Rather, it’s for touch-ups throughout the day. The lip essence has a slight pinky tinge to it that kind of perks up the lips, and the packaging is a squeezy tube with a slanty applicator that’s perfect for hygienic on-the-go application. 🙂 It’s super cute, too!

I love it for what it is, but I definitely wouldn’t be relying on it to heal my cracked lips or provide maximum moisture for them.

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* This item was provided for review. All opinions are my own.


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